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February 2, 2018

6 Free Software to Share Your Desktop

At present, you will come across several applications which enable users to stream their desktop on the web and get remote assistance from any other user from any place on the planet. Users who would like to have online repair support for their personal computer will surely find these applications to be invaluable. Although there exist plenty of such resources out there, we have mentioned only the 6 best free share desktop software.

Here are the 6 free software to share your desktop:

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

Free desktop sharing is among the many features provided by this breathtaking application. Individuals who wish to arrange meetings for communicating with the participants will find this program appropriate for them. Additionally, you can also share your desktop screens with the participants of the conference. One more unique feature of ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the whiteboard tool which enables you to generate graphs during the conference and also share it with others. As a matter of fact, this particular screen sharing application will assure you of optimum comfort and performance. You can also mute or even unmute the participants in case you would like to do anything else not associated with that meeting.


2. TeamViewer

This useful desktop share free software comes with a plethora of useful features. Besides screen sharing, one can also share video as well as audio with other members. TeamViewer comes in over 30 different languages. It is compatible with Windows 10 plus previous releases in addition to several other programs such as Linux, iPhone, Mac, iPad, not to mention Android. After launching the application you must provide your login credentials to another user with whom you would like to connect. TeamViewer will allow you to prevent sharing the whole desktop by choosing to show just a part of the screen or only specific applications. It furthermore supports file sharing, chat, plus whiteboard functionalities.


3. Screenleap

Screenleap also assists in desktop sharing free of charge. One of the salient features of the free software to share desktop is one-click sharing, which should work properly in case Java is enabled. It requires around 30 seconds to load and that‚??s all. After obtaining a code you must provide it to somebody else who will be able to view your desktop from his or her personal computer, a tablet or maybe a smartphone. However, one significant drawback with Screenleap happens to be Java. For instance, on Macs, Java has been disabled by Apple due to security reasons. Thus it is impossible to share your desktop unless Java is enabled again; however, it will likewise endanger the safety of your PC. Another disadvantage with Screenleap is the fact that just 2 hours of screen sharing is supported by the free service on a daily basis.


4. UltraVNC

UltraVNC is well-known as an efficient share desktop free software which you can calibrate as per your requirements. You need not pay anything at all for the noncommercial edition of UltraVNC. Full installation of this application provides you with a server as well as a viewer alternative. You just need to start the UltraVNC server in order to share screen. The UltraVNC viewer has to be run on the gadget where the desktop is going to be shared. UltraVNC operates impeccably for computer systems on the same network; nevertheless, Router port forwarding might be necessary for linking 2 systems on different servers.


5. Skype

You probably use this particular application quite often to chat with your loved ones, buddies, and co-workers on the Internet. However, you can also employ Skype as an excellent free desktop share software. Previously, a membership was needed for using the desktop sharing service; however, later on, the method of subscription was abolished by the company and individuals are now able to register for free. It is required to make a voice call or a video call for sharing your desktop to a contact of yours, and then you need to click on the + button inside the call window, followed by choosing ‚??Share Screen‚??. The user at the other end should be able to view a live video of the proceedings on your desktop.


6. is a useful free software to share desktop over Internet which can be used to get the participants together without any need for them to gather together in real life. It is an unplanned meeting area which brings your workforce together without any inconvenience at all. This tool works with both 32 and 64-bit systems and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows 10. Using your mobile application, sharing controls and also transferring files is allowed by the free edition.



After going through the above-mentioned free software to share your desktop, you must be aware of the fact that there are other similar applications on the market as well for commercial or professional usage. In order to access these desktop share software free download is only needed. However, you ought to invest some time and perform adequate research prior to deciding the appropriate one for your needs.

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5 Most Important Unified Communications Features

Unified communication (UC) has helped to increase productivity in the business world. These systems are made up of many different components and features. Failing to understand these features might make you miss out on the actual benefits of unified communications systems. Here are the most important features of unified communications:

unified communications features

‚??Video Conferences

Face-to-face communication is important for all businesses, regardless of size. However, it is sometimes impossible to meet clients, and that is why you need to find a good video conferencing service. It is always better to use a video conferencing service that accommodates more participants.

Products like ezTalks Cloud Meeting can let you hold meetings with up to 100 people for free, and that makes it ideal for most businesses. This service also allows you to share documents and communicate through their instant messaging app. In case you need to communicate with people in far-away locations, these products will cut your travel costs.

‚??Unified Messaging

Unified messaging allows a business to access their online communication systems with ease. There are many components of unified messaging applications. These systems deliver all your messages into a single inbox. As a result, people are able to manage and interact with their messages in a more flexible manner. Once you access the messages, you can forward, share and respond accordingly. Larger businesses will also enjoy the reduced cost of physical servers.

Unified messaging services also allow you to access your messages in multiple email systems. For example, you will be able to access your email through premise-based and cloud email systems. In addition, you will be able to get all communication in mobile devices, web interface, email client, and speech. You should get unified messaging products that meet your company‚??s confidentiality, security and compliance needs. There are many options to choose from.

‚??Automated Attendants

Another important feature of unified communication systems is the automated attendant. This feature helps you avoid missing calls. These systems transfer calls directly to an extension without going through receptionists. Callers will get a menu that gives them simple directions. For example, if a caller wants to speak to an operator, they have to press a number on their phones. That eliminates the possibility of missing calls.

Auto attendants can route calls to VoIP virtual solutions, mobile phones, other automated attendants, or even the traditional landline telephones. The systems can be customized to inform callers of offers or other important details. For example, before giving callers directions, the program can inform people on the business hours. This can be set as the welcoming message of the auto attendant system.

Automated attendants allow you to access your calls from any geographical location. They have lots of extra features that help to eliminate the possibility of missing important calls. Some of these follow me, find me and call forwarding features. If you are not in your office, calls can be forwarded to a different number, and this means you will be in constant communication with your clients, even if you are at a different location.

‚??Instant Messaging

Instant messaging allows more efficient communication, especially if you are using video conferencing apps. Businesses are quickly embracing IM apps to improve their communication. With these apps, you can have real time conversations with one or more people. In video conferences, IM apps allow participants to communicate with each other, or send documents for everyone to view. These services have made communication a lot cheaper. IM apps can also be used as an alternative or as a compliment to traditional long distance telephone services. This can end up saving you a lot of money. In case you are in the middle of a phone call, and still, need to get information from someone, you don‚??t have to hang up. You can simply use IM apps to contact the resource person as you carry on with the conversation.

‚??Desktop Sharing

Desktop sharing products allow users to share their desktop content with other devices. This allows users to access their desktop content remotely. You can access your desktop content from any geographical location and through any computer. These services also help in the quick resolution of tech problems. You can use online computer support to trouble shoot and fix any problems your computer has. The same app can also be used to find updates for your computer. In other words, desktop sharing allows remote tech support for devices.

Desktop sharing is important for companies that use video conferencing solutions. To start using the services, you will need to download the application, and the computer‚??s support administrator will run the app and start the sharing session. Many companies have found these apps to be very helpful.


Unified communication systems are becoming very popular in the world of business. They have helped to streamline communication in a very affordable way. With these systems, you will find it easier to interact with all forms of communication you get. Make sure you get the unified communications features listed above for the best experience.

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Distance Learning by Video Conferencing

Imagine, you wish to continue with your education but do not have a good institution in your city that offers the course of your choice. This leaves you with three options ‚?? one, you can give up on the course, secondly, you can move to a city that has institutions offering your preferred course, but that will invite extra costs of traveling, lodging, etc. Thirdly, you can join a distance learning institution that offers the course of your choice and thus complete your education from your home itself. Distance learning is becoming extremely popular these days, and many, many students are opting for the same.

What Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is a way of educating students, carried out remotely, by making use of electronic communication. The students communicate with other students and faculty via electronic forums, email, chat rooms, and instant messaging. But the lectures or classes are given through video conferencing. Distance learning allows you to complete your education that too from the comfort of your home, while still continuing with your job (if you already have one). The courses are more economical and the degrees you get on completing such courses are accepted by most employers, and thus will help you get your dream job.

Distance Learning by Video Conferencing

Distance learning or e-learning institutions use video conferencing to help educate students. For the purpose, high-quality video conferencing software like ezTalks is used, so as to make sure communication is flawless, and the experience of both the students and the teachers is perfect. So, video conferencing plays an important role in distant education, but how exactly, we shall get to discover right away.

1. Getting in Touch with the Experts

In a traditional classroom setting students have limited resources. But video conferencing expands these sources greatly. With the help of a best video conferencing software like ezTalks, educators and experts outside the classroom can get connected with the students virtually and then share experience and expertise from any part of the world. This gives the students a whole new learning experience that is not possible to gain in traditional classrooms.

For instance, instead of just listening to what the lecturers have to say about planets, video conferencing can connect the students with NASA experts or astronauts and helps them learn about the space in a much vivid way. Since the students will be connected to the experts in real-time, they will be able to enjoy a ‚??hands-on‚?? experience in different environments.

2. Communication with Other Schools

Video conferencing also helps many e-schools get in touch with each other. As students get to connect with other students from different locations all over the world, it helps them gain insight and a different perspective about different things. It also helps students learn how to collaborate and work with other people who are different from them and thus hones their interaction skills, which certainly will prove to be helpful later in life. As students get connected via video conferencing, they get exposed to various kinds of classroom topics and challenges, which they could not have experienced otherwise.

3. A Personal Learning Experience

Video conferencing also helps students to enjoy a one-to-one interaction with their teachers, and the teachers can easily plan their lessons according to the needs of a particular classroom, or even individual students. Even if a student is not able to attend a few classes owing to medical emergencies, using video conferencing a teacher can give extra classes and help the student stay updated always. All this can prove to be immensely beneficial for the students.

4. Virtual Trips

Schools that are on budget cuts are not able to plan campus trips. This prevents them from allowing their students to experience a location that they feel is important. However, using video conferencing students can enjoy virtual trips and reach almost any location which their budgets may not allow. It thus gives the students an experience which is not only necessarily but immensely enriching for them. It also gives the lecturers or teachers the chance to turn an otherwise ordinary subject into something very interesting. Various rural schools particularly benefit from this use of video conferencing by making sure their students enjoy a similar experience that their peers do in larger cities. Using video conferencing can greatly help reduce the costs of field trips, and at the same time make sure students get to enjoy the much-needed experience. So, video conferencing, in this case, also proves beneficial for various brick-and-mortar schools.

Video conferencing certainly is taking distance learning to a whole new level. Now, students at home get to enjoy more benefits than what their friends in the traditional schools do. Of course, to enjoy such experiences in a flawless way, it is important for the distance learning institutions to use the best video conferencing software like ezTalks, and then a great experience is what awaits one and all.

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January 31, 2018

Zoom Video Conferencing Reviews 2018

Video conferencing software has become an essential part of the communication for all types of businesses. Now businesses are incorporating video conferencing software in their communication system to make the communication easy, instant, and more effective. Many video conferencing tools like the ezTalks Meetings and Zoom are coming up with some advanced technologies to make the communication easy and productive. In this article, you will come to know about the Zoom video conferencing software.

Zoom offers different types of the plans to meet the demands of all the sizes of businesses. This software can be tailored for both the small and large corporations. With the Zoom video conferencing, you can include twenty-five participating video streams. Moreover, you can have more than ten hosts and you will be able to host up to 200 listeners and viewers.

Zoom comes with a simplified interface and HD video and audio. You can use dual or multiple screens depending on the demand of your meeting. It will enable you to view a gallery of the participant or you can consider using the main frame with smaller thumbnails. Zoom allows the users to share computer screen. It will also enable the user to record the meetings to a computer. You can also record it to the cloud. The user can also chat privately and with groups.

Do you want to know more about the Zoom video conferencing software? If yes, then you can visit the following Zoom video conferencing reviews. This review will focus both on the positive and negative sides of this video conferencing software.

Pros of Zoom Video Conferencing:

1. Innovative
With the HD video and audio, Zoom brings some innovation into the webinars and online collaboration. It has a dynamic voice detection feature. Moreover, the users will have multiple options regarding the screen. The user can use the full-screen, dual-steaming, and gallery view. If you will also have the option to join the meeting as an attendee by telephone dial -in if you are not physically present in the conference room.

2. Mobile Friendly
Zoom is mobile-friendly. You can use this software for the Android and iOS. With the Zoom software, you can virtually connect to any place with your smartphone and an internet connection. You do not need to stick to a particular place to join the meetings. Zoom makes the online collaboration convenient and easier. This can also be integrated into the Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS. It allows you screen sharing, private and group chats, and document sharing. You can also have the control of the mouse, keyboard, and the whiteboard.

3. Instant and Convenient Meeting
With the Zoom, you will have the option to start an instant meeting. You can also join the scheduled meeting. In brief, you will have the flexibility to start the meeting in your convenient time. When you will plan a meeting, you will have a Personal Meeting ID to distribute among the participants. If you are the host, you will have the facility to record the meeting. You can also mute a participant. Zoom will also enable you to create MP4 and MP4A recordings during the entire meeting. You will have the sharing feature with the best quality material.

4. Easy to Use
Zoom offers a simplified interface. Even the beginner can understand the features with a little knowledge of the technologies. With this software, you can start a video conferencing in real-time communication with your smartphone only. You do not need to physically dial-in to attend or start the meetings. With one click, you can join the meetings and can start using the features.

5. Safety
Zoom offers some developed security features to maintain the privacy of the online collaborations. The user will have own login password and user names. Besides, it will have the AES 256-bits encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This software also provides admin feature controls and role-based access control.

6. Free Version Is Available
Zooms offer a free version. With the free service, you can have unlimited sessions. But for the developed features, you will have to consider some paid plans.

Cons of Zoom Video Conferencing:

1. Meeting for A Limited Time
If you choose the free version, you will be allowed to continue a meeting for forty minutes with up to fifty participants. If you want more participants, you will have to consider a paid version.

2. Absence of Real-time Document Sharing
Zoom does not offer the real-time document sharing feature. These are a few negative points. If you go through the overall benefits, you can simply ignore these minor points. Moreover, this software has received positive reviews by most of the users. They find it more useful for the instant meeting, flexibility, mobile-friendly features, and affordable options.

Zoom video conferencing can be a good option for the small and small-large scale meeting and for the cloud video conferencing. Zoom's HD video and audio, professional display, and customizable plans can be very useful for the businesses that want to integrate online collaboration tools into their existing communication systems.
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Five Great Online Education Programs and Software

These days, any kind of education or learning is not limited to old style classrooms. Now things are changed, and with the help of online education platforms, students can get the best education at any place. These online education tools are highly effective in the result, and that is why many teachers and students are choosing this way of learning.

In case, you are a modern teacher, and you want to try this method of teaching, then below we are sharing five of the best online education programs, and you can choose one or more tools that suit your need for online education or learning.

1. Adobe Connect

Adobe is a well-known name among students and teachers because of various legendary products and this collaboration and learning software fulfill the expectation of users. It has a special version for education that gives many features to teachers including presentation tweaking, generating real-time quizzes, session breakout, and one on one interaction. This tool has tracking systems that can help you get real-time feedback on various aspects, and it can allow a teacher to monitor the progress of students. All these features along with many others make it one of the best online education platforms for students and teacher both in easy ways.

adobe connect

2. ezTalks Meetings

If we talk about of the best online education programs, then it is impossible to ignore theezTalks Meetings on this list. This tool is a full-fledged meeting software that works great for both business and education purpose. This collaboration meeting software has features such as video conferencing, audio conferencing, screen sharing, annotation, whiteboard animation, personal interaction and much more. Also, it can allow you to record the session to watch it later. This feature makes it a perfect tool for teachers and students because students can watch the session later to learn it again. The most notable thing about ezTalks Meetings is that it is free for 100 participants and if you want it for more audience, then you always have the freedom to upgrade to paid plans.

eztalks cloud meeting

3. Google Hangouts

Google+ Hangout is a great tool that is free to use, and it can defeat most of the other online education platforms in a jiffy. This tool gives you the freedom to have a video chat with individual and group of people as well. Also, it can help you do whiteboard animation, annotation, screen sharing and a number of other things that can make the online teaching a much better experience. Along with that, you also have the freedom to use Google docs to share notes or other details, and if a teacher wants to broadcast the class, he can do that using YouTube. All these things together make it a great tool for online education.

google hangouts

4. SlideRocket

Engaging and attractive presentations can be a great way to educate the students, and SlideRocket can help teachers and students in a great way. This online education software allows collaborators to work on a presentation or documents for better work. Each of these documents gets a specific URL and students can share this URL to the instructor for evaluation. Students can combine the presentation or slides with audio, pictures and various themes. The good thing about this tool is that you can reuse spreadsheets and if needed you can pull data from different live feeds. So, if you want to find one of the best online education programs, then make sure you include this in the list.


5. ProofHub

This is a fantastic collaboration software that can improve the online learning project with the help of better collaboration and communication among various group members of a team. All group members can quickly communicate with other group members using chat, and they can share various issues to solve it in short time. If all the students are at the same page, then they can have better outcomes and students can collaborate easily. Also, this simple tool can help them share the ideas in a more clear ways. This way, students can systematically organize the content, and they can show it to their organizers as well. The best thing about this tool is that it works great on almost all the devices including mobile and desktops.


With the help of above mentioned online education programs, you can have fast communication, better collaboration and easy connecting with the instructor as well. Also, these tools are easy to understand and use in every situation that makes it a highly effective tool for online learning. Thanks to these features students can get more benefits from their education, and online educators can offer more from their work. So, if you want to explore one of the best online education platforms, then you can choose one of these tools, and you can get outstanding experience with it.

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7 Tips for Training Remote Employees

Training is an essential part of preparing employees for hiring regardless of the employment field. Unlike schools and other specialized institutions where training takes place on a one to one basis, most institutions do not have such provisions. In addition to lack of specialized training infrastructure, over 50% of enterprises have adopted digital business platforms, which eliminates need for dedicated office space. Personnel can be trained remotely, hired remotely and work remotely.

Managing remote employees training can be a very tedious task, especially if the right approach tactics are not involved. The 7 tips below on how to train remote employees make you good at training remote employees.

1. Make use of video conferencing

There is a lot of employee training going on remotely. However, a huge percentage of this training fails to deliver what is intended because it focuses only on emailing documents and video links. Using screen capture and sharing tools is one of the greatest video conference techniques that make a huge difference in the quality of training delivered.

ezTalks Meetings enables sharing professional HD video conferencing for a less that 40-minute employee training with up to 100 participants at a time. Features such as recording lessons or playback, sharing screens and remote control, places the tool at the center of effective remote online training software.

2. Train smart and hirable people

Motivation is a very important additive in determining how committed one will be. Remote training becomes motivational and can only develop into a culture if the people trained are able to grasp the skills and get on board. It is therefore imperative to assess the academic and intelligence background of the trainees before enrolling them. They do not have to be bright, but should have an interest in the line of business you offering training for. Strong communication skills and ability to work under no supervisors are general skill sets that trainees must possess, otherwise you may be wasting time.

3. Allow remote learners to graduate to the next level at their own speed

As long as you are not training employees for sale, there is a need to give them time to internalize the skill sets you are offering. Placing datelines and rushing all the trainees through the program as a batch is bound to fail. Different people learn at different rates, hence some trainees may lag behind. This does not mean they are not good. It is recommendable to allocate few days or weeks depending on the massiveness of your training for reflection and clarification on fuzzy issues before graduating to the next training level.

4. Meet the trainees in person first

Communication skills and responsible behavior are hard to select remotely. It is advisable to meet your trainees either in batches or as a whole team and interact with them for a couple of hours. You can even give out the first lessons face-to-face just to assess the kind of people you will be training. In addition, it is a good opportunity to unite the team and introductions to have time during the first video conferencing meeting.

5. Give homework and make follow ups

Training remote employees should not only be a matter of instilling job skills, but also a matter of establishing responsible behavior. One of the tested and proven-to-work methods when it comes to assessing level of responsibility is giving extra work.

However, remember to allow the homework to be done at the trainees pace so as to get a clear picture of the level of understanding. Do not rush them as this makes them handle the assignments to beat datelines instead of learning.

6. Give the trainees the tools they need in their training

There are two main advantages of giving remote employees the tools they need. They will be motivated and will also have standard and right equipment. Motivated employees will treat the training more seriously, and this will give you very the right employees you need. The training equipment should be purchased before recruiting the team to the training and commitment mood.

7. Make training a company‚??s culture

A company is built on values. Besides the skills you impart in your employees, there are values that must be upheld for the success of the company. These values need to be taught not only once but continuously. Therefore, it is fundamental to make the remote employees training a company‚??s culture and reinforce it through ongoing training.

The above mentioned remote employees training tips sound simple. They may even be easier to overlook or treat lightly. The main consequence for not holding any of them is risk of hiring incompetent workforces. Thus, it's sensible to pick up the tips to improve your remote employees' skills and company values.

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