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March 20, 2021

Myths about blue nose pit bulls?

Just like any other dog, there are various myths about blue nose pit bulls. I thought to clarify those myths about them. Many people believe those myths true, but that is not the reality. I will tell you about all those myths and why you should not believe them.

They have locking jaws

You may have heard, or some people believe, that blue nose pit bulls can lock their jaws, and that is the reason they are so horrifying. This misconception in minds of people is due to the strong and muscular body of these dogs. Even if you look at their mouth, their jaws are really strong, but it does not mean they have a different jaw structure than other dogs. So this myth is not true.

They have more bite psi than other dogs

They have a really strong bite psi, but it does not mean no other dog is equivalent to them or has a stronger bite than them. If you see the tests, you will find Rottweiler, German Shephard, and many other dogs have a stronger bite than the pit bulls. According to the stats, the highest ever psi recorded for the pit bulls was 235, while the highest for Rottweiler and German Shephard was 328 and 238 psi, respectively. So, you do not have to believe in this myth.

They are good guard dogs

It is also not true. Many people believe they are good guard dogs due to their muscular physique. Also, the aggressive image of these dogs, along with a huge energy level, makes people believe they can also be good guard dogs. In reality, they are not good guards. Because they love people a lot, whether the person is a stranger or the owner, they will show their love to all of them. That is why never think of petting these dogs as guard dogs.

They are more energetic than other pit bulls

It is a completely false statement. There is no difference between the black nose, red nose, and blue nose pit bulls. They are all the same, except they have a different nose color. Many breeders have spread this rumor to charge an extra price for blue nose pit bulls. All these pit bulls have the same energy level. The performance level of all of them is the same. Because they are not separate breeds, they are all the same. So, if someone tells you about this myth, never believe one.

They are not a recognized breed

They are not a breed. AKC has not recognized pit bulls as a breed. Pitbull is a term given to dogs with similar appearance and characteristics. A blue nose is just a Pit bull with a blue nose. There are 4 types of breeds, and a pit bull can be any of them. Those breeds are American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and Bull Terrier.
These were the common myths about blue nose pit bulls that all of us have heard. I hope I have clarified all those myths. Next time, if someone talks to you about these myths, you will have a logic to clarify them.
Posted by      Vance Levi at 1:39 AM PDT


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