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March 25, 2021

Most Simplest Method To Lace Boots

I know different lacing techniques change the look of boots. That is why people try different techniques. Each technique has its own benefits. Many people try the difficult techniques, still many people want to choose the simple method. Today I thought to share the most simplest and easiest lacing technique with you guys. I hope you guys will like my post and get benefit from it.

If you do not have extra time or you do not want to put an extra effort, this technique is suitable for you. If you find other techniques hard to follow, this technique is still beneficial for you, as it is the most simplest lacing technique.
I hope after following this technique, you people will get benefit from it, and you may never become late from your job.

  • Pick up the lace and pass it through the last two holes. After passing, equalize both sides.

  • Now criss-cross the lace. what is criss-cross? Pick up the left lace side and pass it through the upper right hole. Similarly, pick up the right lace side, and pass it through the left upper hole.

  • Now repeat the criss-cross, as we I did in the 2nd step, and keep on repeating this pattern until you pass the lace through the last two holes of the boot.

You don't need to be an expert to try this method. Even if you are trying it for the first time, you can still perform this method within few minutes.

Posted by      Declan L. at 2:06 AM CDT


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