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September 6, 2021

Parents Should Choose Early Education More Carefully

Recently, we find that many parents are intent to take their children to an early education institution. But most of those institutions do not have education qualifications, so parents should choose carefully.
Costly private kindergartens left many parents prohibitive and early education more expensive than these kindergarten parent-child class but let many parents would try. In interviews, we find many parents take 0 to 3 years old children to such institutions. But in fact, many parent-child classes are Unreliable, many fundamental high-end teachers advertised by publicity are only
overseas students without teaching qualification; Parents spend 100 yuan per hour, or even hundreds of yuan, but it s hard to get early education quality.
Charged so high, what can they learn in early education agencies? Most principals in early education organizations in the interview say, as for children under age 3, we through games, experience, stimulate a child imagination.

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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is the term use to describe the formal teaching and care of young children by people other than their family. Early Childhood Education helps your child develop a love for learning. Learning Time website provides early childhood education for kids. To know more visit Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Parents often make these mistakes when focusing on early childhood education. Avoid them by reading this article. Generally the children that attend an early education program show progress after as early as six months.
These education ideas look so beautiful.
To take public early education institutions for example, the teacher should have three certificates which are engaged in early education, at least have the graduating certificate of preschool education; the second is the infant-raising certificate; the third is teachers certificate. And in the civilian-run early education institutions in the market, there are few private teachers which can have such qualifications.
Only a very few civilian-run early education agencies in the market at present have been approved through education departments, and own the early education qualifications; Most of the early education agencies are only approved by the commerce departments, and do not accord with the requirement of education qualifications. In the inspection of civilian-run early education institutions, we find that some parent-child classes with the so-called high-end foreign teachers characters. But most early education institutions are played the role by the overseas students without teaching qualifications, which doesnt have the related teaching qualifications of the foreign teachers.

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