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March 24, 2021

How to Convert Eudora to Outlook: Step By Step

In today's era, migration between different email client applications becomes a common band. There are so many users who want to switch Eudora Mail emails to Outlook PST format. If you want to migrate Eudora to Outlook, then you came to the right place. We will tell you some easy steps that will help you to how to convert Eudora to Outlook. Just read the article and you will get a reliable solution.

Overview of Eudora & Outlook


Eudora Mail is a desktop-based email client application primarily used on Windows OS. It also has variants available for Mac and Linux. It is a good application that can be configured with protocols such as POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. It is an Open Source Edition which is available for users since 2010 which is based on Mozilla Thunderbird.

If we discuss Eudora Mailbox Storage, then Eudora saves its mailbox data in MBOX format.

Simple Method to Convert Eudora to Outlook

To ensure that both emails and attachments can be transferred at once, we use professional solution. This tried and tested MBOX to PST Converter solution is recommended because Eudora saves emails in mbx file formats and attachments in attach folder. So while applying manual methods the attachments are not transferred or only the emails are transferred to Outlook. So, to convert both emails and attachments from Eudora Outlook one must use professional software.

Note: One such solution is MBOX to PST Converter is that it can process mails and attachments at once of Eudora and transfer them to Outlook in an easy way.

Advance features

  • With this tool, you can do both selective and that conversion of multiple Eudora mbx files or mailbox files.

  • It supported in both Windows and Mac

The latest versions of Eudora i.e. Eudora 8 and above saves emails in MBOX format that contains both emails and attachments.

This software can also convert emails from the latest versions of Eudora without any complexity.

Steps to Export Eudora to Outlook

To convert Eudora to Outlook follow the following steps given below:

  1. To choose the Eudora mailbox, click on Add File button.

  2. From Select an Email Application section, choose Eudora email client.

  3. Now, choose Default Profile Configured option. While choosing this option will automatically fetch data from the default location.

  4. Select the account option whose emails are to be exported from Eudora to Outlook.

  5. After this, all the emails and attachments Preview Window.

  6. Choose Export All Folder option for exporting all Eudora files at once. If you want to export some selected folders then, hit on Export Selected Folders option

  7. As the export option, highlight PST file format

  8. To save the resultant file, browse a destination location, then click on OK button.

  9. To begin the export Eudora Mail to PST conversion process, click on Exportbutton.

  10. To start the export process, the software will display the Current status of the process.

  11. Click on OK button, after the export precess completed successfully.

  12. After this the software bring out a complete report of the export procedure.

  13. Navigate the saved location to access the converted file.

Now, you can simply convert Eudora to Outlook and access Eudora files in Outlook 2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007.


In this blog, we have discussed How to convert Eudora to Outlook. Mostly, Users can select the different email clients to manage their business email accounts based on their current needs. However, migrating files from one platform to another requires a best possible technique so that a data loss does not occur. We have also discussed a Manual solution for it through which you can execute the operation to export the mail from Eudora to Outlook without any loss of data. Now users can easily opt any solutions according to there requirements.

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