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January 11, 2021

Peacemaking and Ethical Approaches

Social justice and security are delicate issues that require a lot of attention and care while handling them. They encompass the welfare of the population while ensuring survival and freedom through provision of rights and security for all. Conflicts are bound to emerge where people live together in a society, and how these conflicts are handled determines the well- being or deterioration of a particular community. Peacekeeping is required in all areas, especially where criminality is high. A good system of peace maintenance is required in order to attain maximum results. Therefore, peacekeeping goes hand in hand with good leadership. whichIt is quite essential to the value of human life to get rid of fear, crime and violence. To achieve this, the three themes of peacemaking must be applied in the ethical approaches of criminality and justice. Therefore, this section will explore the three themes of peacekeeping that are:;
care, connectedness and mindfulness. Connectedness can be seen as being the most vital theme in peacekeeping. According to Braswell et al, all humans beings are interconnected in one way or the another. This connection creates a bond among all humanity. This means that an individuals action have consequences to others outside of his/her sphere. The bond makes us integrally connected beings. If our actions are violent, criminal, unjust or cruel, so will our world be. We must correct violence instead of treating violence with violence, like isn the case inwith prisons today. Our connectedness to one another should lead us into being peacemakers.
Caring is also an integral part in the bid to restore justice in a healing society. Sullivan and Tifft define care as the acknowledgement by the public or the society, as a whole of something that has occurred in a negative eye. It is the acknowledgement recognition of a ruptured section that requires healing. For such acknowledgement to be shown, care must be presented in both the offender and the victim. If we embrace connectedness, then exercising care will be easy in an effort to maintain peace.
Mindfulness is what allows an individual to experience a more moving sense of awareness to situations. It causes one to see broadly and move from self-centeredness to a large sense of passion for theto others. Combining the above three themes of peacemaking will make us havinge a better criminal and justice system, where peaceful programs will be employed to maintain justice and promote a good welfare between individuals. Clearly, the American police system has not fully embraced these themes. The themes have not impacted the traditional police or the correctional values, as violence still exists when dealing with criminals. To improvebetter the results of the police system, better measures need to be taken by the government in handling crime.
Utilitarianism is an ethical system that believes that the best ethical measure to take is to capitalize on the happiness ofin thea society. The theory suggests that actions have outcomes, thatwhich can be calculated; and ethical options have consequences, which bring about happiness to the majority ofin athe society. It is a consequentiality outlook that can predict outcomethe result, since it judges actions according to their outcomes. On the other hand, deontology is the alternative system of ethics. Whenre utilitarianism concentrates on actions and outcomes, deontology provides that the outcomes, means or actions themselves arebe strictly ethical. The theory statesholds that some actions are morally incorrect regardless of their finalend product. It proposes ethical norms and truths that are globally and universally accepted. It literally advocates the theory that the means must justify the end. Our system of criminal justice is thea best example of Utilitarianism. This is evident in the various anti-terrorist campaigns in overseas and at home. The government conducts immoral actions for the greater benefit.
This material was provided by Cody Harper, who is a write my case brief writer. He likes to depict his thoughts on paper.
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