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June 15, 2021

How do we rate a bookmaker's bonus?

A bonus amount of, say, 100 euros will soon sound interesting, but that's where it all starts. For example, how do I convert bonus money of 100 euros to real money and how long do I have time? All aspects that are taken into account when determining whether a bonus is good or not very good. Below we mention the points that we take into account when determining the bonus, and explain what is good and what is bad in the game conditions.

1. Bonus

First of all, it is important to look at the bonus percentage. The higher the bonus percentage, the better. Usually the bonus percentage is 100%. Are you facing a 50% bonus? Then we recommend that you carefully read the other terms and conditions to find out if the bonus is interesting. Bonuses over 100% are generally good, but still require attention to look at other conditions.

2. Bonus amount

Although the bonus terms tell you more about whether it is easy to convert the bonus into real money, the bonus amount usually attracts people first. A player who wants to make a small deposit is often satisfied with a bonus of 10 or 20 euros, while large players are looking for bonuses of 250 euros or more. As with everything, there is always a middle ground, and the average bonus amount is usually around 100 euros. As for us, this is a good bonus amount, and we always recommend that you use the maximum bonus amount.

3. Game Conditions

Perhaps the most important part of the bonus rating is how many times you need to bet before your bonus money is converted to real money. The less often you have to bet, the better your bonus. As a rule, the amount is displayed as X the amount of your deposit and x the amount of your bonus. The wagering of a 5x deposit and a 5x bonus (for example, only a 10x deposit or only a 10x bonus with a 100% bonus) is about the average value. Bonuses that you have to play less often are usually very good, and on the other hand, bonuses that you have to bet more often are a little less good. Read here how to recognize the difference between good and bad game conditions.

4. Minimum quote

As you can see, you need to make X bets before your bonus money is converted to real money. Unfortunately, you can't just bet on all bets, and that's also somewhat logical. Otherwise, everyone would prefer to bet on the odds of 1.01-1.10 and thus be almost certain of winning when unlocking the bonus. To prevent this, bookmakers often use a minimum quota. On average, they are about 1.80. A quote of 2.00 is still possible, but much higher makes it very difficult. On the other hand, below 1.80 is very attractive. For example, a Toto bonus is often a bad idea simply because the average odds on the site are less attractive.

5. Duration

The last point that matters when determining the value of a bonus is the amount of time you have to convert your bonus into real money. The longer the better, and sometimes there are even bookmakers who have no time at all. We usually find a period of 30 days to succeed. With free bets, you often have to use it for 7 days. However, this is not a problem, as you only need to make 1 single bet.
All of the above 5 elements are important in determining the value of the bonus. Our results and ratings are absolutely objective, and we give them specifically for you so that you can quickly understand which bonus is right for you. Choose your bookmaker bonus right now and get your winnings with one or more of the many bonuses!

What should you pay special attention to before choosing a bonus?

Let's say you choose a new bookmaker with a nice bonus. What are the best tips to follow? How can I recognize unreliable bookmakers?
If we are only talking about bonuses, then the terms and conditions are the most important things to read. What we absolutely don't want to see:
* Unrealistic conditions, such as having to play for about 40 times your total amount.
* Ultra-high minimum betting odds, anything above 1.80 is already getting quite challenging.
* The offer expires-it depends on how complex the conditions are, so think about it first!
* Maximum possible bet ?? if you are only allowed to bet 5 euros per bet with a bonus, it is almost impossible to play for large amounts of money.
* Limit on winnings-unless we are talking about small free bets, we absolutely do not want to see any restrictions on possible winnings. With a 20x maximum payout, you can pay out a maximum of 2000 with a bonus of 100 euros. This is very rare, but is sometimes hidden in T & C.

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