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July 27, 2021

Camping Water Filter Systems

For the backpacker, camping water filters can mean the difference between healthy or unhealthy water. Don't trust the bottled kind because it may be full of chemicals and other harmful substances, and it's certainly not convenient to carry around. In fact, many backpackers choose to use a portable water filter at every campsite. It allows them to drink from any faucet, no matter where they are camping.

But even for outdoor lovers, finding the best camping water filter might be necessary. Why? Because even the most dedicated hikers, bikers, or campers need clean water for cooking, drinking, and washing dishes. For that reason, locating a reliable filtering system for backpacking trips is essential. If you're not convinced yet, maybe you'll never be.

There are so many camping water filters available, it's hard to get a good, reliable recommendation. On the one hand, manufacturers of water filters brag about their products. On the other hand, some purists claim that backpacking filters should be reserved only for extreme sports. Backpackers who enjoy kayaking, rafting, hiking, and other adventurous outdoor activities, however, shouldn't ignore filtering systems. After all, the chemicals found in tap water can make their lives miserable, even when they're as rare as the sea's sand. Backpackers need to be healthy, too!

Among the filtering systems available, perhaps the most useful is the camping water filter that uses a silver or gold plate to trap unwanted particles and microorganisms. The best ones have a five-micron plate and have charcoal media to remove bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Some models also include a sub-micron filter. Depending on your goal, it may be more important to buy a higher quality filter, such as the micron filter.

When you're shopping for camping water filters, there are several things to look for. You may be looking for a lightweight filtering system with multiple functionalities, or at least one with a good price. The two most popular filtering systems are the stand-up pitcher filter and the backpack water filter. A third option is the open-top cartridge filter; this one doesn't use a pitcher but is instead carried around in the backpack.

If you plan to go camping or backpacking, a camping water filter system is essential. Even if you only drink water from the stream or lake, you will still want a filter to remove bacteria and other contaminants. It's especially important if you'll be drinking unfiltered water from natural lakes and streams. In fact, many diseases have been blamed on unfiltered water. Don't take chances; find a high-quality filtering system today.

It's also important to have a way to purify liquid during emergency situations. Flashlights and even candles can't replace water filters. If you have access to clean drinking water, you can use it for drinking and cooking. In severe emergency situations, though, it's better to have clean drinking liquid than to drink polluted liquids.

The best solution for clean drinking liquid is to carry a portable, hand-held filter bottle. Simply attach it to your backpack, bring enough for your needs, and drink from it. Although some people prefer to use a filtered, straw type to drink out of, others drink from their own potable water containers. Either way, these types of filtering systems make it easy to hydrate and replenish yourself. You can even boil water to drink if you have access to a water-purification system.

Another filtering option is to use "bottle-less" water bottles. Just like water bottles, these bottles don't need filters. These are especially popular for backpacking trips and outdoor events, but they work well for just about any situation where you won't have access to drinking water from a campsite restroom or other convenient source.

Another option that many hikers, mountaineers, and hunters enjoy is "raw water" from nature. Some people prefer to drink out of a geyser, while others prefer to catch their own. Although it may take a bit longer, gravity water filters are the easiest and fastest way to get clean, drinkable water. Just add a couple of pounds of weight to your backpack, clip on a backpack gravity water filter, and get moving.

If you drink from streams, lakes, or ponds, you will want to use a filter system with a charcoal filter. These types of filters have grown in popularity over the last decade and are especially effective against some of today's most common contaminants. Although they aren't as fast to use or as energy-efficient as the gravity-based systems, you are still going to save money by not buying cups of coffee for every meal. Plus, you will be consuming much less harmful substances than you would with a gravity-based filter.
Posted by      Jasmine E. at 7:51 AM MDT


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