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July 16, 2020

4 Vital Features of Mobile Apps that can Make Any Business Grow

Businesses are taking a sigh of relief now as the ease in the lockdown situation around the world is one of the reasons behind this. The COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc across the world and is still spreading in several countries like the USA, Mexico, and India. But business has started, and that's one major reason to rejoice for them.

Many businesses are trying to make sure that they can somehow reach the levels before the virus hits. But, of course, it is not possible overnight as people are not still spending the way businesses use to see. They are trying every trick in the book, like coming up with a good website for a mobile app to attract their target audience.

A mobile app can make a business grow by leaps and bounds as it is one of the most popular ways of marketing a product. Over 50% of the population around the world access the internet using a smartphone or a handheld device. This reason alone is what businesses need to get a mobile app of their own. Surely many businesses are interested in the services of a Dubai web design company too. In this blog, I will focus on mobile apps and their most important features.

or a mobile app, especially used by businesses to attract potential customers? The following are the top four features in this concern that businesses must incorporate in their apps to make sure it is a fully functional and great app.

1. A Simple Navigation

You must have gone through several apps were finding the information that you are looking for is very difficult. This is one reason why most of the people don't like such apps, and in only specific conditions, they continue to use that app. One example is the app from a bank in which you have an account. So, you are forced to use that app even if it is not user-friendly and has a simple navigation.

You need to offer convenience to your customers through the app. After all, they have switched from your website to your app for this very reason. If the user can't jump from one screen to another very easily, he will find the navigation quite difficult. Try to make your app perfect in this consent so that your users will try to use your app more frequently.

2. Use of Vivid Colors

The use of colors is another option in which you can make an app look eye-pleasing. You need to choose a color according to the type of app. For example, bright colors are for Apps related to clothing and food. For example, red is used mainly by food outlets and restaurants as this color evokes hunger and desire. On the other hand, light colors are used for apps dealing with hospitals and Laboratories. An example of this is mainly blue and red colors.

Always remember that color can play a vital role in making your app look pleasing or a sore sight. If you use the colors effectively, the result will be positive and in your favor. The effect of good color can make things easier for your target audience to understand.

3. Smooth Functionality

The functionality of the app is another aspect that you need to think about seriously. A smooth floor throughout the app is what every user requires. If they feel even a minor hiccup or lag in the performance of the app, most users will quickly uninstall the app. As we have dozens of apps installed on smartphones, we are ready to get rid of an app that is just not performing as we are expecting.

Any type of bugs or an app keeps crashing all the time at a specific screen is one of the few aspects that can make an app look awful. You need to take care of when an app is in the development stages. Mobile app development is a complex process and can take months to perfect the performance of an app. That's why I don't take any risk during the process and take your time.

Talk with your developer about all the flaws that are present in your app. Make sure that before your app goes live, it is totally bug-free and will function on all the devices it is made for. If it is just for Android users, it must perform on over 90% of the devices, even if they have an earlier version of Android.

4. Integrated Analytics

This is the feature that will make things better for you in the long run. After all, the purpose of an app is to make your business grow. And if you are not able to gauge the performance of your app, then what is the purpose of developing it in the first place. After spending thousands of dollars on the app and then for the amount for the marketing, you must be looking at number crunching.

The analytics path is the most crucial aspect you need to understand and apply. Even if you are getting thousands of daily hits and downloads, only the analytics part will tell you about the uses of your app. It is a common scenario that apps are having hundreds and thousands of downloads simply not working well for their companies all the featured products.

The scenario mentioned above is because users download your app but don't find it worthy of use. Some of them delete your app right away while some of them retain the app, but don't use it. The analytics will tell you exactly how many people are regularly using your app and if they are genuinely interested and buying your product.
There are several reasons for you to ask about the analytics from your mobile app developer in Dubai for the best results.

Final Word

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Posted by      Muneeb Q. at 4:41 PM GST

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