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May 14, 2020

How To Chage A Car Battery

Does your car have a hard time starting? Have you already suffered the dreaded "battery blackout" and can no longer make it work? So, it is time to change the car battery.

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If you want to save money that could cost you to take the car to the mechanic, here you can learn how to remove the battery and put a new one step by step. Ready to "bring your car to life" again? Here we go.

Why the battery needs to be changed
If the battery doesn't work, the car won't start. We don't think more reasons are needed to explain why it needs to be changed, do we? In fact, without the battery, the rest of the car is totally useless.

Tools needed
Key kit: to remove the battery and anchor the new one later.
Latex Gloves: Batteries contain acid that can harm the skin, so you have to protect your hands properly. Also, if you wear rings, the gloves will prevent them from coming into contact with the battery and causing damage to them.
How to change the car battery in 10 steps

1. Is it necessary to change the battery?

Not starting the car does not always mean you have to change the battery. This could be because the terminals are rusty, your lights or other electrical equipment have been left on, or the alternator is not working. Check all these elements and, in case you see that none is the cause of the failure, then yes you will have to remove the battery and make the change. If you see that the battery has bumps, cracks or scratches, you should also change it.

2. What battery does my car carry?

To make the change you need to buy a new battery that is similar or can replace your current battery. In the article "What battery does my car have?" You will be able to discover which model you should buy.

3. Stop the engine and activate the memory preserver

Keep the car switched off for at least 10 minutes before carrying out the battery change. Also, be sure to activate the memory preserver to avoid having later problems with the radio or the different navigation systems. In case you don't have one, you just have to have all the pins of these devices before you start.

4. Locate the battery

To find the car battery go to the hood and look for a rectangular box with two cables, one red and one black. It is lossless on most models and locates without problems.

5. Disconnect the battery

To disconnect the battery you will see that there are two terminals, one with the symbol of "+" with a red cable and one with the symbol "-" with a black cable. Take the key and unpin the negative first and, once it is completely disconnected, then the positive. Never disconnect the positive terminal first, since if you do it by touching the key on any metal part of the car you will create a short circuit.

6. Remove the battery

Reuse the key and undo all the fasteners, screws and clamps that the battery has to be able to remove it. When you pull it out to remove it, remember that it can weigh between 14 and 30 kilos, so do it carefully and ask for help if necessary. Prevents the battery from turning on its side or upside down. You have to remove it and keep it in the original position all the time, since you could spill very toxic liquids and even burn yourself if it turns over.

7. Clean the tray and terminals

Before inserting the new car battery, clean the battery tray and terminals with water or a degreaser.

8. Insert and connect the new battery

Take your new battery and put it in the tray. To connect the terminals you must follow the reverse order to that of step 5: first connect the positive terminal indicated with a "+" and then the negative terminal indicated with a "-". Remember to screw and fix all the fasteners, screws and clamps you removed in step 6 so that the battery is completely fixed in its tray.

9. Start the car and check the electrical appliances

Close the hood, start the car, and make sure the battery and all electrical appliances are working normally. Remember that if you did not have a memory preserver you will have to reconfigure the radio and other devices.

10. Recycle your car battery

The battery should not be thrown away anywhere, as it is highly toxic and highly flammable. You can recycle it at a parts store or recycling center.

How much does the change cost?
The price to change the battery varies depending on the price of the car battery you need, although in general it will be between ? 80 and ? 210. If you use a wet cell battery it will be cheaper, while if you use a calcium, VRLA or deep cycle battery, the price will gradually increase.

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How often to change it
The batteries have an average of about 4 years of life, but you will have to change them sooner if they have worn out more than they should. Some of the cases in which you would have to change them in a shorter period of time are the following:

Battery idle for a long time: it will be irreversibly discharged if the engine has not been started for a long time.
Excessive use: many starts or carrying something in the car that requires excessive use of the battery shortens its years of life.
Temperature changes: before large temperature changes, the batteries tend to stop working sooner.
Damaged alternator: If the alternator is damaged, the battery must be changed yes or yes.
In summary, it should be changed when you see that it is worn, suffers from some of these 4 problems or when it is reaching 4 years of life.

Searching in the instructions or the technical sheet of your model you will find the one that you should buy. If it is not indicated, remember that you can know what battery your car has by reading this article.
Posted by      Rodi T. at 1:24 AM AKDT


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