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August 8, 2019

Register interest

This course will run if minimum number of registrations is achieved.

Please reach out by email to let us know of your interest.

This course is sponsored by Deals Combined Australia

Deals Combined will be used as a case study to explore the use of artificial intelligence in e-commerce, and use live user journey of users, purchasing iphone 8 plus deals, or adelaide city deals.

The course will map the user persona, then their journey through the site.

On the back-end side, the course will explore the crawling feature of all deals sites throughout Australia, and the exploration of how AI can be used to refine the presentation of purchases based on past user purchasing behaviour, as well as how the deal of the day will be presented daily on the site.

You will have 4 assignments to complete this course, weighted at 25% each.

The assignments will be as follows:
1-Hobart city deals
2-Couples massage Sydney deals
3-Darwin city deals
4-Flight and accomodation deals

The cost of the course is $4500 (aus). This will grant you lifetime access to the course material.

Deals Combined sponsors BOINC projects, and so throughout the course, you will be requested to download the BOINC software and to donate your computer downtime to the SETI@home, QCN and Einstein@home projects.

You will be required to join the following teams:

SETI@home Deals Combined team
QCN@home Deals Combined team
Einstein@home Deals Combined team
Posted by      Sarah H. at 12:56 PM AEST


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  Kristy M.  says:
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Posted on Thu, 22 Aug 2019 6:59 PM AEST by Kristy M.
  Sophie M.  says:
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