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December 24, 2017

Excessive sweating between thighs and buttocks, what to do?

Localized excessive sweating can sometimes occur in unusual places, especially between the thighs, buttocks, groin or testicles . This hypersudation is very embarrassing because it is difficult to treat. Moreover in these poorly ventilated areas, excessive sweating is accompanied by many inconveniences: strong body odor, irritation due to friction, unsightly rings on clothes. Sweaty and smelly balls is a problem that all men experience but it can be treated.

How to fight against sweating of the buttocks, crotch and groin

1. Adopt perfect hygiene . More than elsewhere, this perspiration is likely to cause inflammation and irritation. One to two showers a day are recommended, especially if you play sports. Use a natural soap surgras or non-irritating, with the essential oil of St. John's wort for example.

2.To reduce sweating, there are cream antiperspirants specially formulated for sensitive areas. For good effectiveness, it is recommended to apply the cream in the evening after showering.

3.You can also use talc (pay attention to the quality of the chosen product).
Wear underwear made of natural material.

4.Biosme laboratories have just launched an anti-sweat boxer . Designed to absorb sweat from the buttocks, lower back and crotch, the DayDry Comfort boxer is reinforced in the sweat zones. It is in micro-modal, an ultra-soft and anti-friction fabric that has the property of drying twice as fast as cotton.

Be careful if the areas where you sweat are accompanied by chronic inflammations or painful nodular lesions, a medical consultation is essential.
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