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Aditya K. 

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  David E.  says:
oh come on thats weak! i know you can do it! and work is brutal. cross country is pretty fun, you should at least try it! (p.s) i wanna do mu alpha theta this year, but i kinda stink at math now. annnnd. i have SGA and Cross country and IB psych. ehhh
Posted on Wed, 2 Sep 2009 10:45 AM CDT by David E.
  Aditya K.  says:
Yea man it stinks, and i have homework for like every single class. Nothing much, though, just school, what about you, hows crosscountry. I was thinking about joining but i dont think i'll be able to handle the workload and do crosscountry =/.
Posted on Thu, 27 Aug 2009 6:05 PM CDT by Aditya K.
  David E.  says:
Adidas! WE have no classes together for the first time! :( whats up?
Posted on Thu, 27 Aug 2009 11:07 AM CDT by David E.

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