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September 30, 2020

Writing ideas

As colleges have proceeded studying online, students can find themselves having more spare time or even a desire to supplement their present class load. Make the most of the time by looking for and registering in free internet classes! Taking online classes may be an perfect method for you to question yourself beyond what the college is offering at that moment, raise your understanding, or assist your college application stick out in a crowded area.

Online classes can help you find out more about your prospective important, include a new ability, or even explore a potential career path. Every one the classes listed below can be found entirely at no cost and through licensed universities and organizations. By benefiting from college-level classes, it is possible to show college entrance staff in the colleges of interest which you are all set to handle the harder material in the faculty level. Listed below are the top rated totally free classes for high school students to get forward throughout the coronavirus pandemic.
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Posted by      Emma D. at 5:35 AM MDT
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August 25, 2020

A Traffic Ticket

‚??A bill please,‚?? my father waved to the waiter. Mom was leisurely sipping her cappuccino while I have already finished my espresso and was ready to go. It was our traditional Friday dinner with the only difference that my parents have just come back from Las Vegas where they went on a holiday. We are a respectable family who observes its Chinese mores of supporting each other and tries to fit in our relatively new American environment. Always remembering that we are foreigners we take our pride in behaving like law-abiding Americans at all times.
My father paid the bill and left generous tips. Now we could go. I was happy to pick my parents from the airport and take them out to dinner. We are ordinary people in a sense that I pay my parents due respect and try to behave as a loving child. I call them daily to ask about their health, run errands when they ask for my help, occasionally buy stuff they may need in their household and have dinner with them at least once a week. From time to time my father likes to talk to me about my future and where I am heading. I am not a big fan of these talks, but I have to endure them to make him feel fulfilling his paternal duties.
Our dinner was relaxed. I had been recently promoted, and it made my father feel content and important, and my mother was happy that we were all happy. We finished early, and my parents were too tired to hang out late. They even declined the dessert. We climbed into my mint new car ‚?? it was just a month since I placed my first installment ‚?? and buckled up. My parents were calm; they we sure that I was a confident driver. However, each time I touch the driving wheel I take a sharp breath and feel a surge of slight panic. It had been a while since I got my license and I still felt quite unsure when driving. I turned on the music to enhance the good mood everyone was in. Frank Sinatra was on. ‚??New York, New York‚?? is my mom‚??s favorite song, and she was murmuring the lyrics barely audible. My dad was tapping the rhythm on his knee and was looking at the trees rapidly passing by. I somewhat relaxed and sank back into the seat back. It was not very late, and the city was bustling with life. The dusk was just settling in.
Deep in my thoughts through the delicate sound of Sinatra, I heard the melodious beeping of the police siren. Surprised I raised my eyebrows and checked the rear mirror. Indeed the black and white police car was signaling me to pull over. My dad stopped drumming his fingers on his knee. My mom got tensed, and I could see concern in her eyes. I turned down the radio, and my mind was racing trying to understand what I did wrong. I could feel my father‚??s disapproval as he has never got a traffic ticket for more than thirty years of driving. I rolled the window down to hear the approaching police officer.
‚??Your headlights are not working?‚?? said the police officer in a polite voice. I murmured sorry and explained that I was a fledgling driver, and it just slipped my mind to turn on the headlights as it was not dark yet.
‚??That's all right,‚?? the officer said. ‚??Can I take a look at your driver‚??s license, please?‚?? The officer was looking right into my eyes, and I suddenly realized that my license was in my wallet and I left my wallet on the kitchen counter when I was leaving for the airport. I quickly reached to my father‚??s side and gestured him to give me his license. He was noticeably annoyed but gave me his license. Frankly speaking, at the moment I thought that the police officer would ask me to go with him to the police station and stay there until my parents bring me my documents. I was blaming myself for being absent-minded and forgetting about the headlights and the license.
‚??Whose car is this?‚?? the officer‚??s question pulled me out of my reverie. ‚??My father‚??s,‚?? said I and the officer went back to his car. While he was checking the database for the number of my father‚??s car and his driver‚??s license, dead silence hung in the car. My father was reticent. My mother did not dare to speak up. I felt bitter. How could I forget to turn on the lights? These are basic rules. My parents blamed me, and I blamed myself for being so stupid and forgetful. I was sure that I turned them on. But it was only 7 pm, and it was not dark enough for me to notice that I was driving with the headlights turned off. Having taken his time, the police officer soon found our numbers in the system. He gave me a ticket and asked me to sign. I was tremendously upset.
Such a lovely night was ruined by my forgetfulness. My exhausted parents did not even berate me knowing that I am usually very harsh on myself and they should not bother. What began as a pleasant mealtime was shadowed by a traffic ticket signed for my absent-mindedness. Now each time I see the police car I anxiously check whether everything is alright with my lights.

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Posted by      Ostin C. at 4:44 AM MDT
Tags: essay, writing
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June 24, 2020

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February 21, 2020

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January 22, 2020

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January 17, 2020

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November 20, 2019

Addiction to Emailing and Texting

The growing trends of use of information technologies are introducing dysfunctional behaviors. Indeed, an addiction to mailing and texting has the potential to destroy business relationships, individualÔŅĹ??s psychological well-being and the families. This paper claims that the statement is true by providing supporting arguments in favor of the thesis statement.
Impact on business relationships
When a person is addicted to emailing and texting, there is the possibility that business relationships can be destroyed. Problems in professional relationship occur in case the employee uses the email and text message services to communicate with the people, who are not workmates, and thus does not concentrate on the workplace activities. When the companyÔŅĹ??s management discovers that the person is involved in non-work-related activity, the issues arise. Firstly, management may assume that the employee is not loyal to the organization. Secondly, the managers may lose trust that the person can deliver results on his/her duties. As a reaction to extensive use of technology for private reasons, the management may restrict the person from accessing email services or abolish the use of mobile phones at work. The restrictions result in employee dissatisfaction, and he or she can become disloyal and uncooperative with the company.
Another example of destruction of business relationship is when the person uses the work email to send job applications to other companies while being employed. The management of the company where he/she is working can observe this as a demonstration of uncooperativeness and unwillingness to continue employment with the company. In addition, an employee can be labeled as the one to expose business secrets to outsiders or even make a conspiracy to steal from the company. Thus, there may be various restrictions such as non-use of emails and text messaging while at work. In certain situations when the employee persists in the habit of technology use for personal reasons after caution from management, the leaders will treat this behavior as disloyalty and disrespect to the organizational regulations. As an outcome of the conflict situation the person may be laid off.
The addiction to text messaging during work hours can also contribute to the inability to concentrate on the job tasks. The employees can focus on personal issues such as communication with friends instead of performing job duties. The inability to fulfill the assigned duties result into disruption of the companyÔŅĹ??s activities, and the management will have to take corrective measures for the behavior. Moreover, the employee will lose his/her respect in the organization and have reputation of immature not trustworthy person. The conflict may also have an impact on the relationship with the top management, who can prevent an employee from benefits at work such as salary increment, allowances or job promotion.
Psychological impacts
There are various ways in which addiction to email and texting can impact psychology of a person. Consider a person, who uses email to find the job opportunities and apply for the positions. In the process of job hunting, his or her psychological well-being may be affected because a person is dependent on email as the main source of employment opportunities. Moreover, the individual may be disappointed when most applications did not yield positive feedback. An applicant may experience serious disappointment or even feel despair. The trauma caused by the e-mail dependency may result into a feeling of trying to punish that addiction. As a result the person may be involved in some self-destructive activities or even attempt suicide.
In another situation, a person may rely on the use of text messaging as a means of communication with friends and colleagues. Thus, the person may feel insecure and unsafe when the mobile device is not available or when he or she cannot text. The insecurity is based on the personÔŅĹ??s perception that the device is his closest companion. A person may feel lonely when the device is not available, which leads to the negative feelings such as discontent, isolation and loneliness.
The use of mobile texting and email may also be seen by some people as an image of being more advanced and modernized. Thus, a person may opt to use technological communication in order to be a modern person, who is on track with modern communication methods. E-mails and texting may look like high literacy, fashion a symbol of young lifestyle. Thus, a person may become addicted to the use of email services and mobile texting, so that he can get the respect from friends and community. However, addiction to email and mobile texting can result into psychological issues. For example, when these devices are not available or when the person is in remote areas he or she can face challenges with other forms of communication. The person with technological addicted may feel lonely and out of fashion when he does not access these services.
Impact on Families
Addiction to email and mobile texting can have great negative impacts on families. An example of serious dependency on technology for communication is couples, who communicate with their friends and relatives through mobiles and e-mails. The couples can they lose touch with each other; and when they are in the house, they cannot communicate their desires, interests and needs to each other. As a result, family problems can arise, which are based on communication issues and are related to home management or the responsibility for the children.
In another case, a person may tend to use emails and mobile texting as a method of getting in touch with family members who stay far away. Consequently, he or she may see that there is no reason for either visiting or inviting them to his/her place. Thus, there may be an impact on family ties, and the person may lose touch with other relatives and family members, who are far away.
Furthermore, the relationship of the couple can be seriously affected by the technology. For example, the married couple may depend on these devices to the extent where they go to bed, but still use text messaging to communicate with friends and colleagues. Thus, it is impossible to maintain intimate relationship with each other. The problems in the bedroom result into the lack of emotional ties between husbands and wives. Lastly, the possibility separation and divorces of the families becomes high because of the technology addiction.
Lastly, the use of text messages and email can lead to the exposure of family secrets and sensitive private information to other people. For instance, a husband may text his friend about insufficient financial funds and asks for a loan. When his wife discovers these messages, she may feel offended because the man decided to solve the problems with the friends rather than communicate with the wife. Thus, there may be quarrels and disagreements in the family. In other cases, people in a marriage may use emails and text messaging as a method of explaining the differences between each other and discuss domestic problems with friends. Thus, other people know the secrets of the family and the family may be viewed negatively by friends and the extended family.
Another situation where the addiction to emails and text messaging may result into negative impact on a family is when a person communicates matters of relationship outside marriage through technology. For instance, a person may use email or text messaging as a method of communicating to a colleague of opposite sex at work. However, if this interaction extends at home, it causes marital problems, fights and disagreements.
Lastly, in certain circumstances, one spouse can access to another personÔŅĹ??s email if left open or read love messages from the colleague. This discovery results in fights, dishonesty and less commitment to the needs of the family. Consequently, the spouse may take measures that are not favorable to the family, such as the decision to file for a divorce as a result of unfaithfulness. Thus, the family may experience unrest as a result of addiction of the man to emails and text messaging.

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Posted by      Ava H. at 1:24 AM MST
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November 17, 2019

Freedom of the Press

Despite the fact that the Constitution of the United States of America does not expressly guarantee the right to privacy, it is universally acknowledged as one of the fundamental rights of a person. However, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America secures freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Therefore, there appears a conflict over these rights, and the balance between them is very unsteady.
Nowadays one can notice the drastic change in people‚??s attitude towards privacy. People tend to share a considerable amount of personal information in social networks. Today it is perfectly possible to trace a person‚??s relatives, friends, address, and phone number as well as to create a psychological portrait based on the individual likes, dislikes and statements, expressed, for example, in a personal blog. However, despite the modern trend to share personal information, there are still some areas of private life that people want to protect. As a rule, public persons, with the exception of some celebrities such as actors or models, are less inclined to expose their personal lives.
Public persons draw a lot of attention due to people‚??s natural curiosity. Most people are interested in learning new information even if it does not concern them. Thus, no matter how insignificant new facts about famous people are, they create widespread public debate, giving ordinary people food for thoughts and topics for communication. As a consequence, the increasing demand for all kinds of information is the cause of the development of mass media industries. To satisfy the demand for news, the press tends to use every possible means of acquiring information even if the ethical aspect is doubtful. Therefore, sometimes, individuals abuse freedom of the press in order to give the audience some sensational or scandalous facts. In most cases, such abuse is manifested through the publication of public people photos without their knowledge and consent, their phone calls wiretap or the use of drones to spy on them from above.
Nowadays there is a diffused opinion that famous people are not entitled to a personal life because they are not able to hide from the public gaze, enjoying the benefits of fame. However, as any other people, celebrities have the right to protect their privacy. In fact, these people require more protection from the media than people who are less involved in the public life. One of the reasons why public people should be more concerned about their privacy is the fact that they take much higher risks than ordinary people since their recognition, success and lives can be destroyed. History knew many examples when someone revealed facts that ruined people‚??s careers in a blink of an eye. For example, political careers of Bill Clinton and Dominique Strauss-Kahn took a serious hit after the world had learned some piquant facts they wanted to hide. In this way, journalists are known to play the indispensable role in exposing abuses of power. Therefore, when a public person commits a crime, freedom of the press renders a valuable service to the society, preventing the concealment of a crime.
Another reason why public people need better protection of their privacy is the possible threat to their health and lives from mentally unstable people. Celebrities draw immense attention that is why there is a higher risk for them to become targets of stalkers or other types of obsessive fans or envious people. For that reason, public people have to spend a considerable amount of money for security service as well as to transform their houses into fortresses. However, sometimes, these measures cannot prevent the tragedy, as evidenced, for example, by the deaths of John Lennon or Princess Diane.
No matter how popular a person is, there are always areas of life that the person wants to protect from the public. Freedom of the press is the essential democratic right; however, it conflicts with the people‚??s right to privacy. The press often invades personal lives, hence threatening the person‚??s safety and causing many other troubles. In this regard, those people who are often in the public gaze should be more protected from undesired attention. The press must realize the consequences of privacy exposure and be prepared to take responsibility for their deeds.
About the author: Jessica Sanders is a bachelor in English philology and sociology at California University. Jessica is currently working as one of the best writers at She also studies feminine psychology.
Posted by      Jessica S. at 9:17 PM MST
Tags: essay, writing
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  Nathan Jones  says:
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November 13, 2019

Symbolism in ‚??A Doll's House‚?? by Henrik Ibsen

‚??A Doll's House‚?? is a remarkable example of socio-psychological drama focused on the spiritual struggle of the main heroine Nora Helmer. The principal female character in Ibsen's play is a loving and caring wife of an authoritative bank employee Torvald Helmer; the woman initially seems to be a naive and helpless child who does not even imagine the outer world behind her house. Nevertheless, Nora's small displays of rebellion show that she is not as happy in her marriage as she appears. As the play progresses, the heroine demonstrates her true self through progression from an ignorant woman to thinking and independent person. Therefore, Nora's sacrificial role of the wife in her golden cage, her discharge from the familial obligations, and eventually understanding of the conception of freedom manifests through the deep symbolism of the play that raises an important social issue of female oppression.
Nora Helmer herself is a symbol of a socially oppressed woman who is not aware of her sad part. The heroine is a doll in the eyes of her husband who treats her as if she is a toy. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find out the reason of such marital relationship, because Nora represents a beloved wife of a man of high moral ideals who is stormily devoted to his family. Nora Helmer considers herself fortunate and demonstrates her deep honor to her husband through worship and sacred believe in him. Thus, a woman loses her own individuality and sacrifices her life to the husband. Being treated as a doll by her father, Nora continues to be a toy in Torvald's hands: He called me his doll-child, and he played with me just as I used to play with my dolls. And when I came to live with you ‚?? I mean that I was simply transferred from papa's hands into yours. Furthermore, Nora completely depends on Torvald ‚?? she is not educated to be responsible and cannot control her own money without her husband's authorization. In the world of male dominance, women were deprived of rights, and those who have been unhappily married could not divorce due to social stigma, and thus had to accept their miserable fate. Thereby, marriage has become a trap to Nora without hope for the liberation; she would rather sacrifice her life to be accepted than to be judged. Additionally, the symbol of Nora's sacrifice shines a spotlight on the problem of female oppression.
Nonetheless, Nora's rebellious nature begins to emerge unconsciously through her behavior. For instance, the tarantella conveys an important hidden meaning ‚?? it is a symbol of Hora's inner desire to live a full life, but Torvald does not approve her attempt. Therefore, the dance is the only way for Nora to show her true self ‚?? not perfect and obedient Victorian wife, but a free, fiery, and passionate woman. Although Nora performs the tarantella to please Torvald, he is not loyal and thankful to the wife: I shall go into the inner office and shut the door, and I shall hear nothing; you can make as much noise as you please. Thus, Nora's husband does not support her passions even when she tries to do something for him; Torvald takes his wife for granted thereby suppressing her more and more. Thereby, Nora's inner world has to struggle with reality through the wild dancing. In addition to this, macaroons is one more symbol of Nora's inner passion ‚?? although she is commanded not to eat them, the woman disobeys her husband and secretly ate them being alone in the living room. Macaroons represent Nora‚??s hidden desires that are revealed through her disobedience and deceit within the marriage.
In addition to this, the actions of the play unfold during Christmastime ‚?? the time of hope for better future for everyone. Nora and Torvald look forward to the start of a new happier life in the new year. However, both of them see the nature of the desired changes differently, because they both became new people and face unexpected challenges in their lives. The beginning of the new year for Nora is not only the crucial change of the way of living but, what is more important, the radical change in the way of her thinking. Moreover, the New Year is a symbol of Nora's enlightenment and understanding of the conception of true freedom. Although Christmas is never regarded as a religious holiday throughout the play, it brings Nora Helmer a real miracle liberating her from the familial obligations and unjustified indulgence to the husband who does not deserve it. Torvald ‚?? it was then it dawned upon me that for eight years I had been living here with a strange man, and had borne him three children. Nora realizes that her husband has been a stranger to her during the entire marriage, as well as she has been to him. Therefore, Christmas time is a symbol of Nora's complete spiritual awakening and rebirth from the pitiful existence in the doomed marriage.
‚??A Doll's House‚?? conveys a topical message about the female ability to become free from marriage oppression and male ignorance. Henrik Ibsen has made Nora's liberation from her golden cage possible due to the set of symbols that represent character's inner and outer struggle with social injustice. Thereby, symbolism plays a crucial role in the play, because it forces Nora Helmer to transform from a passive, naive and childish heroine into a dynamic character who can critically think and independently build her own life.
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November 8, 2019

Food and Mood

It is widely known that food and its various supplements greatly impact on people‚??s moods. However, not every person can discover the exact connection between food and mood. People in modern society are known to become more and more aggressive, anxious, irritable or depressed in life. As a result, not only scientists but also ordinary people get concerned about their state of mind. They all want to become happier, healthier and, in some cases, thinner. Therefore, many theories evolve, and research is conducted in the process of investigating the relationship between food and mood.
The majority of people are awaiting the answer to the question, ‚??What is that magical relation?‚?? As a matter of fact, this is connected with the micronutrients, which are vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for neurotransmitters ‚??specific chemicals in charge of people‚??s moods. Evidently, there is a direct connection between the food people eat and the mood they are in. Some products and supplements really tease the organism‚??s chemistry and cause certain emotions and feelings. For instance, foods rich in carbohydrates provoke the brain to release serotonin, sweets raise endorphins secretion, and chocolate is connected with phenylethylamine and anandamide.
Moreover, nutritionists recommend eating certain foods and supplements to reduce the probability of development of various psychological disorders including depression, stress, anger, and anxiety. In his book, Jack Challem advises following his dietary recommendations, in particular eating high-quality proteins, high-fiber vegetables, avoiding sugar and deep-fried foods, and reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumed. This will help to control the level of sugar in one‚??s blood and thus prevent sudden mood swings. As stress increases, the level of NPY in one‚??s brain experiences the lack of serotonin, which can be increased by consuming foods rich in carbohydrates. For maintaining a healthy brain, a person should remember to include in a diet such as efficient components as fatty fish, whole grains, lean protein, leafy greens, and yogurts with active cultures. The listed products help reduce the symptoms of depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, and stress hormones, which is crucial in mental disorders treatment.
In addition to the great effect of special food consumption in therapy, one should not forget to follow the right diet as a part of a healthy lifestyle. A great number of people today show inertia in their habits and food cravings ‚?? they simply resist changing something for the sake of improvement. However, if a person wishes to become healthier and happier or lose weight, some particular steps are to be taken. In order to improve one‚??s quality of life and mood, one needs to become aware of the problem and understand its impact on life, to be willing to act according to this knowledge, and to actually work on the undesirable moods or behavior. Moreover, to get a complex result, changes are to be made in four directions: taking the right supplements, following the right diet (e.g. include super mood foods to a ration), exercising regularly, and trying to gradually change lifestyle.
In conclusion, a path to a happy and healthy life is hard and it accepts no tricks. Thus, every person willing to change must develop useful habits. It is clear that a relationship between food and mood affects people‚??s lives resulting in various reactions, either expected or not. Therefore, one should obligatorily control his/her food cravings to gain a desirable state of mind.
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May 31, 2019

Food and Culture

Today, the diet of the USA population is a combination of numerous cultures and cuisines. Currently, Mexican Americans, Asian Indians, and African Americans are among the most widely spread and numerous ethnic groups of the US society, defining American nutrition. African Americans make over 15 percent of the total population of the USA. African Americans have their traditional nutrition habits, which are mostly different from the typical American diet. Nutrition traditions are best understood through the prism of the cultural context. Simultaneously, a better understanding of African American nutritional habits may provide avoidance of ethnocentric assumptions. In this regard, traditional nutritional habits of numerous minority groups of the USA, their common food habits, and interaction between the chosen cultures have to be examined in detail.
Traditional Food Habits
The nutrition habits of modern African Americans are based on certain health beliefs traced from generation to generation since their early settlement on the territory of the USA. Traditional African American food, which is also called "soul food", has been developed on the basis of numerous practices and traditions. Core commodities of the African American diet are represented by cornmeal, pork, and molasses, along with wheat flour and lard. Representatives of this ethnic group use flour for baking their traditional biscuits. However, flour has become cheap enough for regular purchases just recently. The most popular type of pork is commercially packed bacon, but a fat one.
Some families prefer to cook simple meals. For example, they slice a bacon or salt pork thin and cook it in fireplaces. Mixing bacon grease with molasses, they make a so-called "sap", which is eaten with meat and cornbread. Cornbread is made of cornmeal and water and baked on a griddle. In most cases, African Americans bake bread and fry meat. The preference for meat frying is usually given due to a short time of cooking; in summer, this feature is rather practical. Sometimes, in winter or late autumn, African Americans eat sweet potatoes and pork. Some families cook an opossum dinner. The carcass is seasoned with red pepper and baked with sweet potatoes in a pot. People of this ethnic group prepare crackling bread by frying it till a brittle condition. Then, they mix it with water, cornmeal, salt, and soda and bake it all. Oftentimes, African Americans eat turnips or cabbage boiled with pork fat.
Talking about spices, it should be mentioned that most African American dishes are heavily seasoned and salted. Members of the African American community widely use chilies and hot peppers, along with garlic, curry, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, and sesame seeds. Seasonings made of ground seeds (for example, cotton and melon) and dried mushrooms are also rather common in the African American food. In the African-American community, breakfast meals are commonly light and lunch is usually represented by fast food. The dinner meal usually consists of one or several traditional dishes. Studies have shown that African Americans have from four to five meals per day with the largest one in the afternoon.
African Americans brought to the USA some foods, which are associated with superstitions. For example, the African diaspora brought black-eyed pea to the New World. Until today, a celebration of the New Year without black-eyed peas is deemed inferior and at least not lucky. Dried black-eyed peas have two physical properties, which symbolize good things: a significant increase in size when cooked and the guarantee of germination when planted. For historical reasons, eating black-eyed peas ensures good fortune, as stated in the Jewish Talmud.
Besides their beliefs into the good fortune of some products, modern rural African Americans also believe that some foods are capable of healing various illnesses. For example, in order to treat diabetes, they consume such dietary products as vinegar, lemon juice, teas made of roots and leaves, and herbal supplements from healthy food shops. Vinegar and lemon juice, for instance, are applied in order to reduce the level of sugar in the blood. Besides, many other natural remedies are used by African Americans for the treatment of numerous diseases. In order to treat the urinary tract infection, bearberry is used. Rheumatism, menstrual pain, and discomfort are eliminated by means of black cohosh or black snakeroot, while blue cohosh is appropriate for uterine contractions during work. At seizures, it is advised to use wild comfrey in the African American community and chamomile is used for poison ivy treatment and sleep aid. Sweet potato provides nausea relief during pregnancy.
Being an ancient ethnic group, African Americans have their own feasts and holidays, for which peculiar celebratory dishes are characteristic. For example, dishes containing peanuts, seeds, collard greens, sweet potatoes, and spicy sauces are traditionally cooked for Kwanzaa, one of the major non-religious holidays intended to honor African culture and inspire African Americans, whose labor has made a great contribution to the progress of the USA. In addition, the celebratory table also contains vegetables, fruits, and nuts symbolizing the harvest, which nourished the African people. African Americans also cook appetizers from black-eyed peas, peanut soup, fruit salads, and coconut pie and drink green tea with mint or ginger beer.
Undoubtedly, understanding of the interconnection between religion and food can help better understand the African American community, especially taking into account the fact that African Americans are very religious Christians and Catholics. Scientists mark that Christian faith makes significant transformations in their diet habits of the African American community. For example, eating crackers is an important part of Christianity because they are transformed into Christ's body. The Christmas Day breakfast usually contains such traditional for this ethnic minority dishes as eggs, ham, biscuits with butter and syrup, grits, and sausages. Other core dishes served for religious holidays usually include baked ham, green vegetables, candied yams, baked macaroni, baked chicken, cornbread, rice, and fruitcakes or apple pies for a dessert.
Adaptation of African American Diet to the USA
Several studies have shown that in the African American community the process of acculturation to the USA culture plays a crucial role in shaping their attitudes, cultural behavior, and, undoubtedly, dietary habits. Scientists have noticed that acculturation to the American culture is associated with unhealthy diet behaviors among African Americans. Acculturation to the American culture has led to shifts from traditional healthy foods containing whole grains, meats, and vegetables to more sugary, processed, and high-fat foods, which are currently rather popular and widely spread in the U.S. community.
Acculturation to the U.S. dietary style was not a difficult process for a long time. From the beginning, acculturation was inhibited by the elderly generation of African Americans who honored and highly valued their native traditions. However, new generations of the African American community strove to adapt to the cultural environment they were born and lived in. As a result, African Americans' acculturation to the U.S. dietary habits supposed partial or total acceptance of foods classified as "American". Thus, eating fast-food, for example, pizza or hamburgers and frequent ignorance of traditional long-cooked dishes, has become a consequence of these ethnic minority members becoming American and assimilating to their peers.
Experts argue that the dietary habits of African Americans are likely to take a turn for the worse due to the increase of the African Americans' length of residency on the territory of the USA. Eventually, African American ethnic minority groups will assimilate with the U.S. culture because with the course of time they obtain a broader variety of food options, thus becoming more likely to eat both healthy and unhealthy native and American foods. Moreover, African Americans have obtained more opportunities to expand their traditional menu and try exotic foods, which were unavailable for them in their motherland. Nonetheless, African Americans are likely to change their dietary behavior if they are limited in access to ingredients required for cooking their national dishes. As a result, they will slowly assimilate to the American unhealthy diet, straying away from homemade meals.
Food and Health Relations
The preference for a certain type of diet, a so-called "soul food", has caused numerous health problems among African Americans. Soul food usually includes a lot of fatty meats, sugar, and fried foods served with rich gravies, regular consumption of which leads to high rates of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and obesity. In comparison to the white American population, the African American ethnic group is characterized by higher incidences of hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. High incidences of cancer among African Americans are caused by low consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, obtaining lower amounts of vitamins, magnesium, and calcium and consuming a great number of calories from the saturated fat, members of this community have the highest rates of obesity in the USA. Moreover, some studies have shown that African American men experience the most frequent incidences of hypertension and prostate cancer in the world.
Like any other diet, soul food has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, this type of food is rich for nutrients since it contains leafy yellow and green vegetables (collard greens, for instance), potatoes, legumes, rice, and beans. In most cases, many products required for cooking traditional African American dishes are cheap enough in the USA and, thus, available to African Americans with different levels of income. Having brought many local products with them during slavery times from Africa to the USA, African Americans have contributed to the expansion of the U.S. food market supply. On the contrary, soul food is poor in fiber, potassium, calcium and has a high level of fat. High levels of fat and cholesterol cause numerous diseases, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Moreover, not all ingredients necessary for this diet are easily accessible on the territory of the USA or in particular states. Experts recommend to boil or bake some products instead of frying in order to decrease the fat amount. Focusing on fruit can help to enrich an organism with fiber and necessary vitamins, hence saving human health. Moreover, some heavily available ingredients can be replaced with other products with lower prices that are healthier and easily accessible.

Taking into account the above-mentioned information, it should be noted that the African American diet represents a combination of numerous cultural influences. As a result of stable acculturation, soul food has turned from healthy dishes for early slaves to an unhealthy diet for modern African Americans. African American foods contain a lot of fat and are mainly cooked by means of frying, resulting in numerous diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, etc. Nonetheless, some products are widely used for the treatment of numerous diseases. African Americans have many dishes associated with religion, superstitions, and traditional celebrations. Thus, soul food is a cultural heritage of the people who have saved its traditions until today despite a strong influence of the U.S. community.

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