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July 2, 2013

College Trip to Haworth on Friday 5th July 2013

Dear Students,
We are going on a college Trip to Haworth on Friday 5th July 2013. Haworth is famous for the Bronte Family and the many beautiful walks and countryside nearby. Your teachers will be giving you the details of the trip in your classes.

Here is an information brochure about what you can do and see in Haworth and the surrounding countryside:

On Friday, 5th july 2013, we meet at Leeds Language College at 8.45am. You must come to the college to sign the attendance register.

We will then go to Leeds Train Station and get the train to Keighley. This will take about 10-15 minutes. From Keighley we will take a bus to Haworth, which should take about 10-15 minutes.The approximate price of the journey will be £10.

Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a raincoat and umbrella. You can bring a packed lunch but there are also many shops and restaurants in the town. Your friends and family are welcome to join us.

If you are ill on the day and can't attend, please book a holiday.

Kind regards,
Leeds Language College Ltd.
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May 25, 2011


Dear Students

This is to inform you that Monday 30th May 2011 is a Bank Holiday.
Students who want to receive their lessons back for this day must book a formal holiday at Reception. If you do not book a holiday at Reception then you will not be able to get your lessons/hours back later.

We would also like to inform all students that the next college trip to York will be on Thursday 23 June 2011. The trip is a standard part of the college curriculum and is a part of your learning.

Student who do not want to go on the trip have the following options:

1) Come to the college and do practice tests prepared for them by their teacher. If you come to college you may be put into a multi-level group supervised by a member of staff. Your teacher will not be available that day because they will be on the trip with the other students in your group. You will not be taught a separate lesson because the trip is part of your lesson.

2) Students can take a holiday as they would on any other school day if they didn't want to attend. If you do not want to come to college and do practice tests and you do not want to go on the trip, then you have to take a holiday and get the time back at the end of your course. If you do not take a holiday, do not come to college for practice tests and do not go on the trip, you will be marked absent.

3) Students who do four hours a day but do not want to go on the trip can come to the college and:
a) Do four hours of practice material left by their teacher,
b) Do three hours of practice material and do two hours in their later groups the next day.
c) Take a holiday and get the whole day back at the end of their course.

The trips are an excellent opportunity for all students to practice their conversation, social and real-English skills. You will be taken to interesting places which stimulate your imagination, teach you about English culture and history and encourage you to discuss what you see, hear and do with your teacher and other students. Trips like this are designed to help students improve their speaking skills, integrate into UK society, communicate naturally and feel more confident when speaking to English speakers and other people outside the school.

The programme for the trip will be explained to each group by their teacher.

Kind regards,
Leeds Language College Ltd.

Kind regards,
Leeds Language College Ltd.
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February 3, 2011

Leeds Language College Blog

Dear Students
You can practise your reading skills by reading our online blog. You are also welcome to write something for the blog. Please let your teacher know if you would like to contribute.

You can write about your country, places you have visited, culture, hobbies, or even teach us a few words and phrases from your language. Please have a look at the blog for some ideas what to write about:

Best regards,
Leeds Language College
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October 13, 2010

New Football Website for Language Learners

Premier Skills is a new website for learners of English who like football.
You can watch videos and read articles about your favourite players and clubs.
You can also learn football vocabulary while you play fun interactive games and take part in competitions.
Go to the website here:
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Spanish and English

This week we have spoken to 4 Spanish students: Veronica, Luis Javier, Juan Manuel and Miguel. They have explained to us the reasons why English can be a difficult language for them and the resulting mistakes they usually make as Spanish speakers.
The main problem is English pronunciation. Spanish people pronounce each letter they read whilst English people don?t pronounce the words the way they read them.
Spanish speakers also find it difficult to understand verb contractions. For example, ?I will go? changes into ?I?ll go?...... ?I would go? changes into ?I?d go?.
These forms don?t exist in Spanish, what makes comprehension more difficult.
As far as verbs are concerned, English verb formation is easier than Spanish verb formation but the English use of tenses is far more complicated. As Veronica explained to us, she always uses one kind of past tense to speak Spanish while in English she has to think about the various possibilities when she speaks in the past.
All of them agree that phrasal verbs are very complex. In Spanish, you don?t have so many uses of just one word. The same happens with prepositions. For instances, in Spanish there is only one preposition to express in, on or at.

At school-En el colegio
In the garden-En el jardín
On the floor-En el suelo

Spanish people also use more words than English people. This probably reflects the outgoing culture of the Spanish nation, whose citizens generally like speaking a lot.
They also made an interesting final observation: it is often not possible to translate English idioms into their own language or to find an equivalent as there are many cultural differences.

For example, Spanish people usually eat 5 times a day and have a specific word for each meal. They can?t find any equivalent in English. Even if they try to follow the British timetable, it is often difficult for them to have dinner at 6 or 7p.m !
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Trip to Brihmam Rocks and Knaresborough

Trip to Brihmam Rocks and Knaresborough

On the 30th of September, our students went on a trip to Brimham Rocks and Knaresborough. The fifteen students left the College at 8.30 for 1.5 hour journey to Brimham Rocks.
Once they got there, they were able to admire the weird and wonderful shapes of the rocks. Some looked like animals, e.g. elephants, bears, others like mushrooms, all of which owe their shapes to erosion.

After a 2-hour walk the students headed to Knaresborough which is famous for being Mother Shipton's birthplace. She is England's most famous prophetess and most of her prophecies proved to be accurate. The students visited Mother Shipton's Cave and observed the strange phenomenon at the petrifying well which changes objects into stone in only 3 months!
They also made a wish at the wishing well of good fortune while holding a coin in their right hand and throwing it into the well.

Afterwards they were taken on a tour of the museum and gift shop. They finished the day walking up to Knaresborough castle and relaxing before the walk back to the coach!

At the end of the trip, they were really tired but enjoyed this fabulous sunny day!

Students' feedback

I had so much fun on the trip. It was amazing, the weather was lovely and I especially liked the shapes of the rocks at Brihmam Rocks, especially the dancing bear! The group was friendly and we took beautiful pictures.

The trip was very good, the place very nice and the weather was good. I really enjoyed this trip and I hope we will go on another trip soon.
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