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January 11, 2013

Books on Monday and Homework - Reminder

Dear Students,
This is a reminder that all students are required to have their course books on Monday 14th January 2013. Any student who has been in the class for a week or more and does not bring a textbook or their own photocopies will be asked to leave the class.

If you are a student who is finishing the course in the next 2 weeks, you must bring your own photocopies to class, as the teacher will not make copies for you as from Monday. If you do not have your own copies you will be asked to leave the class and will not be admitted into the lesson until you bring your own resources.

Students who start the course on Monday 14th January 2013 will be allowed to try the level of the group for a few days before purchasing a book.

Photocopies will only be given to new students in the first week of their course and students attending the class for their extra 1 hour.

We would also like to remind all students that your homework must be given to your teachers on Monday. Any student who is late with homework or has not completed ALL of it will be allocated 0%.

If you do not complete the course with the minimum average of 60% Homework and 60% Class work/Tests, you cannot be promoted to a higher group and must repeat your level. We will not be able to issue you with any letters of course completion or certificates unless you achieve the 60% minimum for homework and classwork by the end of your course. If you achieve less than 60% for your Homework and Classwork it means that you have failed the course and have not reached the level of the higher group. We cannot promote or issue certificates to students who have failed the course.

Leeds Language College Ltd is an accredited college and we must ensure that all students attain the correct standard before being promoted to a higher level. Student attainment is measured and documented for educational inspectors and the UK Border Agency to check and regular reports are sent to these organisations.

We have formal methods of recording student progress and attainment, which must be followed at all times. We assess students on the basis of their results in class tests and their willingness to show that they can complete the homework that is given to them to work on independently. Your teacher will advise you of your progress and will warn you if your marks are low. The same rules apply to all classes.

We would like to thank you for coming to class on time this week and hope you continue to enjoy the remainder of your course.

Please approach your teacher if you do not understand everything in this message.

Kind regards,
Leeds Language College Ltd.
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