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February 8, 2012

TV Documentary about international couples- Channel 4

Dear Students
We have just received the following email from a TV Producer who is interested in making a documentary about International couples - mainly women who are married to/in relationships with British men. If you are interested please contact him/her directly.

Please read the message below:

Hi - I've just received this - please feel free to contact him/her if you want to participate:

Hi there,

I just spoke with Laura from English UK who told me to contact you direct about
a documentary project I'm currently working on, to see if you might be able to
put up a poster in your centre and spread the word to your students.

I work at Fresh One Productions, Jamie Oliver's TV company
( and we're working on a documentary
project for Channel 4 about Anglo/non-Anglo relationships (this could include
Anglo-Thai/Chinese/Filipino/Russian couples). The series hopes to offer genuine
insight into modern relationships between young, British men and women from
overseas who have found love and are about to come to/are here in the UK for
first time.

The documentary hopes to offer a fresh and contemporary perspective on a new
generation of these partnerships, challenging old stereotypes and exploring the
cultural diversity that can be achieved in such couples. Our aim is to produce a
series with a warm and informative tone, following the women's experiences of
British culture for the ufirst time and documenting the couples expectations of
one another and how these can be achieved and overcome.

We are looking for people who have recently settled in the UK but also those who
are potentially about to settle in the UK in the next few months. This allows us
to document the women's first encounters of British culture - be that, language,
food, family or work - and through this hold a mirror up to British values, our
expectations and contemporary culture in comparison. Our idea is to produce a
warm documentary that looks at British men, British women and the nuances we
may take for granted in our British culture through the new settlers' eyes.

It would be brilliant to speak to some of your students who may be learning or
improving their English because they've decided to settle in the UK with their
partner. Many of the couples we've spoken to so far are attending language
schools to great success and have made their first UK-based friends there, so I
thought I'd get in touch to see if you're able to put the attached on your
noticeboard and send it out to your students? Our contact details are on the
attached, so if anyone is interested in taking part, they can contact us

Initially, this would only involve a research conversation and if the couple
were interested in potentially being part of the project, we would subsequently
meet them to discuss the documentary in more detail.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call - my number is 020
3375 5162.

Many thanks for your time!

Mel Bezalel

Mel Bezalel | Assistant Producer

T +44 0 20 3375 5162 19 - 21 Nile Street
F +44 0 20 7017 0681 London N1 7LL
M +44 0 7779 282 413 United Kingdom
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