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June 29, 2011

TOEIC Exam Session

The next TOEIC Exam Sessions to be held at Leeds Language College are:

Listening and Reading - Friday 8th July 2011

Speaking and Writing - 21 July 2011

Any students interested in registering should approach Reception as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Leeds Language College Ltd.
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June 13, 2011

Missing Books from the Library

Dear Students
A number of easy-reader books have been taken from the Library without permission. The rules on borrowing books are as follows:

1) Students must pay a deposit of 10 before they borrow a book.
2) Students must register with the Director of Studies and have their book stamped before taking it. The students name is stored on a database and a return date is put on the book.
3) When the book is returned the student is given back their 10 deposit.

If you have taken any books from the library without the Director of Studies' permission please return them to the library immediately. Taking the college's property without permission is theft.

We hope this is a mistake and that we do not have to carry out a formal investigation.
Kind regards,
Veronica Omeni
Director of Studies
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June 3, 2011


Dear Students,
Leeds Language College Ltd. is now an examination centre for all components of the TOEIC exam - Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

Students who wish to extend or renew their visa must now have a formal exam qualification and the TOEIC exam is one of the qualifications that is accepted by the Home Office for TIER 4 visas.

Please come to Reception if you want to take the TOEIC exam. You can take the exam at any level and don't need to study a special course to take it. We can organise the exam on location at the school for you.

Thank You,
Leeds Language College Ltd.
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Tags: exams, toeic

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