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Essay 3


1) Minimum 1250 words.

2) Submitted before class on May 22, 2009.


This assignment requires you to generate a critical argument about the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Your task is to interpret the film's presentation of gender (focusing specifically on masculinity or femininity) providing a reading of the film's implicit meaning. Therefore, you will be looking to connect the semiotics of the film with what you believe it says about issues of history, culture, politics, and society as they intersect with constantly evolving notions of gender identity.

Your topic and thesis is up to you; however, you are required to submit a one to two paragraph topic proposal on the class message board by May 13, 2009 and an annotated bibliography in class on May 18, 2009.


1) Use MLA Format and a clear Works Cited page with the correct citation format.

2) Include the following elements in your essay:

  • Provide a thesis statement.
  • Offer a theoretical framework for your analysis.
  • Provide close readings of multiple scenes from the film focusing not only on what happens and what is said but how it is communicated visually. I understand you will probably be doing this from memory!

3) Be sure to turn in the following items the day you submit your essay:

  • Rough draft
  • Peer review worksheets

4) Turn in a digital version in .rtf or .doc format through safe assignment ( before class.

5) Cite at least three academic sources including one not covered in class.

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