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Course Goals

There are three primary goals for this course:

  • To become familiar with a variety of statistical procedures -- including (1) measures of central tendency, (2) measures of variability, (3) measures of position, (4) student's t, (5) analysis of variance, (6), correlation and (7) regression analysis.
  • To sharpen critical thinking skills.??This course will also focus on choosing the correct statistical procedure and interpreting statistical findings.??You should be able to apply the critical thinking skills that you develop in this course to other courses as well.
  • To improve your quantitative skills.??This is a computationally intensive course.??Working with numbers, formulas, and calculators should serve to enhance your efficiency in this area.


There is no required text for this course.



The Texas Instruments (TI) 83 Plus or the TI 84 Plus calculator is required for this course.

This calculator can compute simple descriptive statistics as well as a number of hypothesis testing procedures including (t single sample, t independent, t dependent, analysis of variance, correlation, and regression).

Course Work

This course revolves around a series of UNITS covering basic statistical procedures as well as the application of those procedures to real life situations.

We will cover a total of 11 units -- each of which is followed by in-class exercises to enhance your level of understanding.

You are encouraged to carefully read and study the online lessons as well as the quizzes as both provide preparation for the major exams.

Major exams are comprised of 25-50 objective questions (true-false and/or multiple choice).??You will be allowed the entire class period to complete each exam.??All exams will be given during the course of the semester with the exception of the last exam which will be given in the FINAL exam slot.

Late exams will be given on STUDY DAY only.??If at all possible, requests for taking an exam late should be made in advance of the scheduled exam date.

Final Grades

Your final grade in the course is based upon the total number of points you have earned.??Final Grades will be assigned using the following scale:

Grading Scale: 97% - 100% of total points A+
94% - 96% of total points A
90% - 93% of total points A-
87% - 89% of total points B+
84% - 86% of total points B
80% - 83% of total points B-
77% - 79% of total points C+
70% - 76% of total points C
67% - 69% of total points D+
60% - 66% of total points D
Below 60% of total points F
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