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March 5, 2020

An Amazing Vacation at a Shoestring Budget

Exploring the 3rd largest city in the Philippines is easy. There are many cheap hotels in Zamboanga City where you can book a room to get started on an amazing vacation. Dubbed as the ‚??City of Flowers‚??, it‚??s a bustling commercial and industrial center down south. When you first look at Zamboanga, you‚??ll be amazed to see the Spanish influence through cultural roots, food, language, architecture, and heritage.

Things to Do in Zamboanga

During your stay, you can enjoy a variety of things to do in Zamboanga. The city has so much to offer and you can certainly take advantage of your stay. Once you check in your cheap hotels in Zamboanga and if you‚??re looking for a unique experience in Zamboanga, here are some of the wonderful destinations you should check out during your stay.

Cruz Island
If you ever wanted to see pink sand, Sta. Cruz Island is a beach you shouldn‚??t miss. Bum out on the pink coral-lined sand and be amazed by the spectacular view this island offers. The unique tone of the sand actually comes from crushed organ pipe corals that wash on the shoreline. In the daylight, you can get a closer look at the unique pink tones and soft rosy highlights of the sand. Make sure to take lots of pictures and take a dip at the clear waters at Sta. Cruz Island.

Merloquet Falls
Fall in love with Zamboanga‚??s most majestic waterfall, Merloquet Falls. The natural formation of the rocks resembles ancient ruins and as the water cascades down, it feels like you‚??re transported into a different world. Enjoy the natural, breathtaking beauty of Merloquet falls by exploring the nearby jungle area or listen to the relaxing sounds of the falls by the waterfall platforms. If you‚??re looking for a spot to melt all your worries away, Merloquet Falls is the place to be.

Paseo Del Mar
Looking for something casual? Head over to Paseo del Mar for a little bit of everything. From small shops to food carts, you can get a taste of Zamboanga‚??s cuisine in this casual boardwalk. The Dancing Fountain of Paseo del Mar captivates any visitor with its spectacular water effects. Paseo del Mar also gives you a view of the Santa Cruz Islands and Basilan Island. Visit Paseo del Mar in the evening for the perfect, coo, romantic vibe.

Fort Pilar
This 17th-century Spanish fort shows off the evident Spanish Influence in Zamboanga City. The large courtyard features a wide brick path that leads to the main fortress. Walking through this piece of history is a treat itself. There‚??s also a regional museum where you can see various artifacts. History lovers shouldn‚??t miss out on this wonderful tourist destination.

Yakan Weaving Village
Colorful textiles and weaving have always been part of Philippine culture. You can see this up close at the Yakan Weaving Village. Take a closer look at how these textiles are made on the spot in the village. These textiles are used for a number of souvenirs such as purses, wallets, and bags. In the village, there are other handicrafts you can purchase. Satchels, swords, scarves, and handmade textiles are among your choices. You can even practice your haggling skills on these bespoke products.

Hermosa Festival
The best time to visit Zamboanga is in October. Zamboanga‚??s Hermosa Festival is held every year in October. This is Zamboanga‚??s most luxurious festival that shows appreciation for Our Lady of the Pilar Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragosa. Those participating in the festival pay tribute by holding a 9-night parade that shows off the best of Zamboanga‚??s talents. Music, firecrackers, boats, yachts, all show the workmanship and talent of Zamboanga and Mindanao. This incredibly social festival is best enjoyed with family and loved ones for a truly authentic experience.

Enjoy the ‚??City of Flowers‚?? at LM Metro Hotel
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