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December 27, 2019

What is Hallyu Wave?

along with the development of the times, the influence of Globalization began to enter Indonesia. Foreign cultures began to influence and compete with local cultures and even began to shift the native culture in Indonesia. One of the foreign cultures that is currently being famous and entering Indonesia is the culture from South Korea or commonly called the Hallyu or Korean wave.

Hallyu or Korean wave itself is a term of culture or pop culture originating from the Republic of South Korea. In this Korean wave, people are introduced to South Korean culture through music, films, drama, food, fashion, and also its trends. Of all that, the best known to many people is the music that is commonly referred to as Kpop or Korean pop. Whereas the name for Kpop fans is usually called Kpoper.

KPop has arguably dominated the entertainment industry market in Asia, so almost everyone around the world knows about it. Kpop fans are in every circle, especially among teenagers and women. Like in Indonesia, we can find a lot of teenagers who are fond of K-pop, especially among students. We can even see for ourselves now Indonesian teenagers tend to prefer K-pop music rather than local music in this country.
Most are teenage girls, who are fond of boy groups from the ginseng country. There are many boy groups with unquestioned visuals that can bind the hearts of these teenagers. Say like BTS, EXO, Seventeen, TXT, GOT7, and many more.
Each group has its own fan base, or what is known as fandom. From there came loyal loyal fans who bought each album or merchandise from the boy group. As a country with a large number of K-pop fans, Indonesia's market share cannot be ignored.
Every year they surely compete to bring out the best products to attract the interests of their fans. This of course eventually becomes a new problem for some people. Because many of them are teenagers who have not yet earned.
They must have no small amount of money to be able to buy products issued by the boy groups. Not to mention the costs for each activity they hold such as concerts or fansite every year. Some of them even skipped school to attend his idol event.
Such an impact is certainly a problem for all parties, not just the responsibility of parents. After all, these teenagers also had to build their future well.
Posted by      Hime O. at 1:21 AM EST


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