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March 6, 2018

kinky curly indian remy hair bundles top sale

How to soprano indian remy hair weave with fabric strips (rag wrapping)
This is a time test method that has been around for hundreds of years. Not only are you being eco-friend and recycle fabrics that you already have lye around, but by cut your own fabric widths, you could really customize exactly how big or small you want your curls to be.
1- Wash your hair. Since you are not use heat to curl here, it is best to start with fresh wash hair. Washing your hair normal, and then allow it to dry natural, or soft blot it with a towel, until it is just slightly damp. While your hair is still damp, apply a flexible curling product like a gel or cream if your hair is very straight or an anti-frizz serum if you need it.
2- Divide your hair into sections. If you want a more natural look, all you need to do is avoid separat the hair into even section. Instead of, only vary the size of the section and alternate between curly the hair toward and away from the face. Gradually let down and curly the top layer. Remove hair from the top layer pin to your head one section at this time. Curly each section in the same manner used to curl the bottom layer of hair before pull down the next section.for balayage indian remy hair
3- Wrap your hair around the fabric strips. This should be done as if you were wrap each piece of hair around a curly iron, and tie a knot to keep the curl in place. Or use a comb to separate a small section of your hair for the rest. Line up the bottom of a strip with the end of your hair. Roll your hair up toward your root, keep the strip in place the full time. When you have roll your hair and the strips up to your scalp, tie the ends of the strip to hold the rolled hair in place. If you just would to curly wave the ends of your hair, Roll your hair under, rather than up, for curls that curve toward your neck rather than curly that bounce outward (or vice-a-versa if that is the look you prefer). If you would rather have tight, ultra-curly ringlet, you can slightly dampen the strip of fabric (and your hair will dry with the curly).
4- Leave the strips in overnight or for at least kinky curly hair bundles.
5- Remove the strips. Undo the knot and free your hair section. Do this gently if you want tight curls. For looser curly, run a wide-tooth comb through your hair to separate them into wave.
6- Add mousse or hairspray when remove. Do not brushed your hair out, only gently comb through the indian remy hair with your fingers and you have good to go!
Posted by      wei cheng at 12:27 AM PST


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