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March 5, 2018

kinky curly Brazilian hair quality

If you do not like the short Brazilian hair and you need time to learn your hair type and you can choose transitioning while you are crazy for natural hair and like the consistent hair texture,cheap bridal hair pieces would be more suitable for you. I like the hairdo wigs
1.Although every method has its advantages and disadvantages, here is no right or wrong way to start your route. Following with one that makes you feel comfortable and fits your lifestyle. A few tips are prepared to help you make your natural hair journey smoothly.
Tips for cheap bridal hair kinky curly human hair wig
Be Patient to your Brazilian hair
2. Cleansing regimen
3. Use Deep Conditioning once a week will give your hair a healthier look and softer feel as it will be great help to sooth your hair cuticles.
4. Seal your hairnds daily
5. Sleeping with silk scarf/beanie or satin pillowcase
6. Regular trims, once a week.
7. Define your curls
Tips for Transitioning Hair
1. Keep your hair moisturized
2. Deep condition
3 Keep your scalp clean
4. Regular trims
5. Stop using heat
6. Detangle in small sections
What is the time are you in ladies? Have you made your plan to let your hair go natural? It is better to have a goal in your mind so that you will know what to do in next steps. Be patient and gentle to your own Brazilian hair!
Posted by      wei cheng at 11:28 PM PST
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