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Stella W. 

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  Paige T.  says:
Ms. Warren, did you say there was a make up exam or has that already passed
Posted on Tue, 10 Apr 2012 10:28 AM CDT by Paige T.
  Mark B.  says:
Ms. Warren, I have been looking for the attachment and haven't seen it. Was it cancelled? I hope this is still on the table & we are able to attain the advantage of these points. I know it doesn't seem like much but I am going for an overall GPA & I won't know 'til the end so every little bit counts. Can you respond to the blog...some other individuals implied about this as well.
Posted on Mon, 2 Apr 2012 11:42 AM CDT by Mark B.
  James D.  says:
Wow.. 0? I know I was there and I took the test, I was pretty sure I got most of the questions right, and I know for sure the three without question... so I am confused as to how I got a zero .. unless this is in relevance to the blogging that I am just hearing about for the first time. I do apologize if you had let us know something about this prior, but I was unaware until I recieved this email tonight that there was any kind of blogging to do regarding this test. There has to be some kind of mad errors or mix up or something, because this can't be happening.. My grades mean a lot to me as does this class, and I am there every class period, and listen my best to hear what you say. Perhaps there is some kind of error or something, as I read your comment about low overall scores even with a curve.. If it is somehow our mistake by missing something you told us on the first day about this blogging and it's neccessary to get any credit on the test.. please reallow us to do this as I'm sure everyone else's grades mean just as much to them as mine do to me.. I'm not even sure what we were supposed to do, all I know about it is the email I received that said blogging has ended and that was the first email i received from nfomedia
Posted on Thu, 23 Feb 2012 2:03 AM CST by James D.
  tomesha f.  says:
Hello Mrs. Warren, I failed my first test. Due to my daughter being sick and having surgery. I know I did poorly, and I recall you saying you grade on a check system. My question is, am I allowed any points or is my test considered a 0 and am I allowed to make my first test up. Are makeups done only for the people who miss or are tardy for class? Does failing a test mean I should drop, after all one test is pretty much 1/3 of my grade? My daughter is better and out of the hospital and I am ready to be present and paying attention.
Posted on Sat, 15 Oct 2011 8:40 AM CDT by tomesha f.
  Tanisha T.  says:
Hey Ms. Warren got a min at work today and I'm having a problem pulling up your e-mail through nfomedia. Will try again later when I get home. I would like for you to know I really enjoy your class. Wish you taught all my classes.....
Posted on Thu, 21 Jul 2011 11:49 AM CDT by Tanisha T.
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