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May 1, 2012

Response To Killing Me Softly

I too, like Graham, work with youth in the Memphis area and completely agree. Something has to change about media censorship. Not that everything is bad therefore nothing can be shown, yet we have to provide positive outlets for children to positive ideals about themselves. Media is, in my eyes, the number 1 destroyer of a joyful life. It has more power to dictate your life than any religion, government, or system, because its a means of entertainment.

Also I loved this class and the fact it challenged me so many times.
Posted by      Nicholas G. at 1:07 PM CDT

Blogging has Ended for Test III

I really enjoyed this class. Have a great summer everyone and continue to learn throughout your life.
Posted by      Stella W. at 1:00 PM CDT

Killing us Softly

Jean Kilbourne's documentary, "Killing us Softly" came as no surprise to me. The media tells us who to be, how to act, and even how to dress. Ads are everywhere and they affect us even when we think they don‚??t. I like how she illustrated this point by explaining that we retain this information subconsciously. We may not think we bought a pair of Nike sneakers because Michael Jordon endorses them but subconsciously he has taught us this is what‚??s cool. I find it scary to think of the detrimental effects of advertising. Presently the advent of digital video recorders on cable television has caused advertisers to take their impact much farther. Now they are implementing adds into the narratives of television shows and movies themselves. One example can be found in "White Castle" where a number of neighborhood punks endorse Mountain Dew as an extreme drink. This associates the drink with extreme sports. The world of media advertising is a scary place. I believe it threatens the American lifestyle as individualistic and free. We no longer have a individual identity. Rather, it is given to us through the media.
Posted by      Patrick P. at 12:38 PM CDT

Menstruating Men

I'm not sure that if men could menstruate they would make it seem as if they were all tough, and act as if were awesome that they shed blood, because honestly, every time I've seen a grown man remotely sick, they are the biggest babies about it. Groaning, moaning, "not able to do anything," and sleeping. They just become worthless. So if men could menstruate I do not think they would handle it well at all, and women would get frustrated at the fact that their husbands have become their "sons" for a few days each month.
Posted by      Graham S. at 12:06 PM CDT
  Jeremy Robinson  says:
Nice point Graham - I absolutely understand and feel your response... have a great summer man, we've earned it...
Posted on Tue, 1 May 2012 12:14 PM CDT by Jeremy R.

Response to Killing Me Softly, Tough Guise

I work with high schoolers and the Memphis area, and Killing Me Softly hit the nail on the head when it come to high school girls. The media is slowly destroying the girl's mental images of themselves. You constantly hear from girls about how they need the new make-up, the revealing clothes, and the sexy attitude that they think guys want. Sadly, I have seen this destruction in the relationships that they are carrying on with the guys at their school, and the lengths they will go to with dieting, working out, or not eating at all. These girls want attention so badly that they are willing to date the guys who use and abuse them for just their looks and their personality plays no part in it what so ever. Guys are dirtbags, but are the men really to blame when the media and and our minds are filled with this nonsense of the "perfect woman?" Now the media is not an excuse for men's behavior and how to treat a woman, but you are what you listen to and watch, and we are seeing that evidence in Tough Guise and Killing Me Softly. Men see violent men, treating women terribly, and women see themselves as having to be the perfect woman in order to get the perfect guy. The media/advertising just sucks.
Posted by      Graham S. at 12:01 PM CDT

Menstruating men...

I portend that ‚??maybe‚?? ‚?? just maybe - men should have to menstruate. Maybe if men had to release their own blood monthly for 3 or more decades they might just possibly not want to shed others‚?? blood so easily ‚?? in particular starting wars, domestic violence, etc‚?¶ At no time during the history of mankind do I recall of women starting a war - even in our current male dominated Congress.

On a related note: Just last evening here in Memphis an African American male lost his life (blood shed) in some kind of love triangle related incident. Yeah just maybe men should have to bleed on the regular...just saying
Posted by      Jeremy R. at 11:57 AM CDT

Class as a whole

This class, as a whole, was very interesting and insightful. Many college students these days believe what they have been taught their entire lives, therefore not forming their own opinions on topics. I thoroughly enjoyed this class because Ms. Warren challenges peoples beliefs and views, either strengthening your current views, or forcing you to think about controversial topics in a different light. I enjoy teachers who challenge their students in this manner. Because of this class I feel more competent and knowledgable about the inequalities of our nation. One instance that has stuck with me is the education system and it does not give each child an equal opportunity. I enjoyed that everyone could be open in this class, and express their opinions without feeling judged or condemned.
Posted by      Graham S. at 11:50 AM CDT

Soci 3401

In our class, we have become more developed and equipped with the skills needed to identify social inequality. We have used this knowledge to identify social inequality in our communities, families, life and so much more. It made me more aware of the race, gender, and class that I have been challenged with in life. I want to pass on good wishes to all the seniors in our class. I hope we all apply the knowledge we have received in this course to our daily lives. I'm glad I took this course.
Posted by      Renita L. at 11:38 AM CDT

I have graded the preceding blogs.

Blogging will be open for the next hour. I enjoyed the blogs. You guys really did get the essence of this last material. I hope that knowlege translated to the test!
Posted by      Stella W. at 11:32 AM CDT

Equal pay day

In my other sociology class a guy did a presentation on "equal pay day" and I had never heard of it before. Equal pay day was April 17,2012 and thateant that women who
Worked all of 2011 and up to April 17,2012 made the same amount as a man in the same job of only the year 2011. This blew my mind! I knew women have always had a pay difference but putting it out ther in that way really made me recognize how
Different it is. It's really pititful!
Posted by      Andrea F. at 11:15 AM CDT

class as a whole

I enjoyed the class a lot... it opened my mind up to a lot of things and made me view life in a different way. Good luck to all of my classmates may you be amazing in all the things you do!
Posted by      Christopher R. at 11:14 AM CDT

Class in a whole

I must say that I turly enjoyed this class. all the disscussions we had in class kept my attention and made me want to become involved. I loved salvage inqualties as a book to read for class, it was so real and really made you think about school systems around the world. I wish you the best of luck with moving and your new life in Al. Thanks for a great class and for alot of knowledge I will take with me.
Posted by      Rachel R. at 11:07 AM CDT

Savage Inequalities

Savage Inequalities was an excellent read! It defined problems within our city of Memphis. No recreational activities for children in predominantly black neighborhoods, failing and deteriorating schools, better conditions and life chances for those in the "better" neighborhoods. If you would like to see real life examples of Savage Inequalities, just ride around and observe the City of Memphis.
Posted by      de'shara j. at 9:09 AM CDT

What did we all get out of this class ?

Gender refers to both femininity and masculinity as characteristics of individuals. Gender is produced in social interactions. Gender shapes macro-level social structures. Moreover, gender rests fundamentally on ideas of sexuality. That is, ideas of femininity and masculinity are constructed around notions of proper sexual conduct and sexual relations. Gender and sexuality are interconnected.
The meanings attached to gender and sexuality varies within and between societies. These meanings intersect with other forms of social differentiation including racial formation, class, ethnicity, age and ability.
Did our teacher aim to help us :In addition to providing us with a sociological understanding of gender, do you feel you were : helped in becoming more aware of multiple perspectives on issues of diversity.
‚?ĘDid you develop a greater awareness of societal problems.
‚?Ę Were the diversity of your life experiences examine.
‚?ĘWere you made to feel as an individual in the class.
‚?ĘWere any of the teachings helpful out side of the class room
Posted by      Nadine T. at 8:31 AM CDT

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